Garfield Gets a Life
Release: May 01, 1991
Release: May 01, 1991

Jon now recognizes that he needs a life, an escape from his boring existence as the guy who arranges his sock drawer. He tries to find some girls around town, but none of them are impressed and find him to be a dweeb. So one night, he sees an ad on TV about "Lorenzo's School For The Personality Impaired" and decides to go there. He meets a lady named Mona and starts a friendship with her without using any of the techniques they learned in class. Garfield, however, knows that their companionship could soon turn into marriage, and that will mean a kid. So Garfield goes out to warn Jon only to be in a trance when Mona scratches his back. But Mona remembers she's allergic to cats. Jon decides to take her home as Garfield chaperones them on the back window of Jon's car with suction cups, à la the Garfield Stuck On You plush.

Mona: "I was so shy in gym class, I had my sister take my showers for me!"
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