Release: October 29, 1988
Release: October 29, 1988

This is a film showing us through Michael Jackson's success since the beginning. But as the film goes on we find that he and his friends uncover a fiendish drug warlord (Joe Pesci) is trying to hook young children on drugs, but he is stopped by Michael's amazing ability to transform into a battle robot, a car, a spaceship, and take on other forms. This film was made to promote his 1987 hit album "Bad" showing some of the music videos including the incredible claymation "Speed Demon".

Steven Spielberg: "[when Michael accidentally runs in on his set] Cut! You hairball, I'll never finish this movie! Who let him in? Isn't anybody in charge? Don't you know ANYTHING about show business?"
Michael: "I'm sorry."
Steven Spielberg: "My producer is doing this to me, isn't he? I ask for a BAD guy and he gives me Michael Jackson? I can't take it anymore!"
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