Rock & Rule
Release: April 15, 1983
Release: April 15, 1983

The war was over....the only survivors were street animals. Dogs, cats, and rats....from them a new race of mutants evolved. That was a long time ago. Mok, a legendary superrocker, has retired to Ohmtown. There his computers work at deciphering an ancient code that could open the door from another dimension. Obsessed with his dark experiment, Mok himself searches for the last, crucial component..... a very special voice.

Mok: "I didn't offer you ANYTHING... I offered you EVERYTHING! -Mok"
Mok: "But we all have our illusions... far be it for me to take away yours. -Mok"
Mok: "She can sing, or she can scream. But she still pissed me off. -Mok"
Toad: "Words to the wise, guy. Be nice, or be dog food. Follow? -Toad"
Omar: "It's a waste of time to creep around this depravo's mansion, escorted by two of Mother Nature's finest freaks! -Omar"
Mok: "Evil spelled backward is "live," and we all want to live, don't we? -Mok"
Mylar: "Thank you, guys! I too love the sound of cats in boiling water! -Mylar"
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