Jetsons: The Movie
Release: July 06, 1990

In the late 21st century, Spacely Sprockets and Spindles has opened a new mining colony on an asteroid. The proposed project is meant to produce product at 1/10 the cost of making the items on Earth. However, the factory continues to be sabotaged by someone or something. As Cosmo Spacely (voiced by Mel Blanc and Jeff Bergman) checks up on the "Orbiting-Ore Asteroid" again, the latest head of the factory, Alexander Throttlebottom, has run off, making it four managers of the new plant that Spacely has lost so far. Fearing for his company (and profits), Spacely names George Jetson (voiced by George O'Hanlon and Jeff Bergman) as Throttlebottom's successor and sends George and his family to the plant. While the family is thoroughly upset from having to have been thrown from their normal life style (and the plans that they had that day), they set up apartments on the adjoining apartment community to the Asteroid and its neighboring shopping complex.

Elroy: "Teddy, are you programmed to be scared?"
Teddy-2: "No"
Elroy: "I am."
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Mr. Spacely: "When I get home, I'll get a new vice president."
George: "You've already got a vice president!"
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Mr. Spacely and George: "It's off, sir. And get it started soon lost time means lost money. And lost money means lost vice president! Get it? Gulp!"
Spacely: "JETSOON!!!!!!"
Mr. Spacely: "Jetson?! I wouldn't use Jetson even if Spacely Sprockets were going bankrupt!! -Mr. Spacely"
Teddy 2: "Looks like your Elroy Elevator is out of order. -Teddy 2"
Mr. Spacely: "Don't give those guys any more donuts. -Mr. Spacely"
Judy: "Thanks, Dad. You're outergalactic!"
George: "I'm out of money, too."
Mr. Spacely: "Every second lost, means money lost. And more money lost, means I SCREAM A LOT! -Mr. Spacely"
George Jetson: "I never thought being a vice president could be so dangerous."
Elroy, Rosie, & Judy: "Where's my room? Where's the kictchen? Where's the phone? I gotta tell Francine and find out what I'm missing! -Elroy, Rosie, & Judy"
Mr. Spacely: "What the.. JETSOOOOON!"
Elroy Jetson: "Here comes the Elroy Elevator! Going up, going down! Going up, going down! Going in! -Elroy Jetson"
Mr. Spacely: "Now what, Jetson? What is it this time?"
George: "Just another little glitch, Mr. Spacely."
Mr. Spacely: "Another little glitch, eh?"
George: "Yes, sir."
Mr. Spacely: "I think I know what that glitch is, Jetson. And I'm lookin' at him."
George: "Gulp!"
George Jetson: "Jane! Get me off this crazy thing! -George Jetson"
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