Release: December 13, 1985
Release: December 13, 1985

Here is the murderously funny movie based on the world-famous Clue board game. Was it Colonel Mustard in the study with a gun? Miss Scarlet in the billiard room with the rope? Or was it Wadsworth the butler? Meet all the notorious suspects and discover all their foul play. You'll love their dastardly doings as the bodies and the laughs pile up before your eyes. Features three surprise endings!!

Wadsworth, Mr. Green: "Wadsworth: You see. It's just like the mounties. We always get our man. Mr. Green: Mrs. Peacock was a man!? -Wadsworth, Mr. Green"
Wadsworth: "Yvette, would you attend to the colonel and give him anything he requires? Within reason that is. -Wadsworth"
Colonel Mustard: "Yep, two corpses in the study. Everything's fine. -Colonel Mustard"
Cop, Company, Mr. Green: "There appears to be some sort of disagreement around here." "No!" "Yes. -Cop, Company, Mr. Green"
Wadsworth All: "Wadsworth: No. All: No? Wadsworth: No -Wadsworth All"
Wadsworth, Green: "Wadsworth] You see, it's like the Mounties; we always get our man! Green] Mrs. Peacock was a MAN!? -Wadsworth, Green"
Green: "I didn't do it! -Green"
White, Plum, Scarlet: "Are you a doctor?" "I am, but I don't practice." "Practice makes perfect. -White, Plum, Scarlet"
Wadsworth: "I'm a butler and I 'BUTLE!' -Wadsworth"
Colonel Mustard/Miss Scarlet: "Colonel Mustard: "I prefer Kipling...'The female of the species is deadlier than the male'. Do you like Kipling?" Miss Scarlet: "Sure, I'll eat anything!" -Colonel Mustard/Miss Scarlet"
Wadsworth: "Communism is just a red herring. -Wadsworth"
Wadsworth: "He decided to put his information to good use and make a little money off of it. What could be more American than that? -Wadsworth"
J .Edgar Hoover: "Alright whodunnit? -J .Edgar Hoover"
Mr. Green: "They all did it. But if you wanna know who killed Mr. Boddy, I did. In the hall. With the revolver. All right, Chief, take'em away. I'm gonna go home and sleep with my wife. -Mr. Green"
White and Wadsworth: "Wadsworth: But he was your second husband. Your first husband also disappeared. Mrs. White: But that was his job. He was an illusionist. Wadsworth: But he never reappeared. Mrs. White: He wasn't a very good illusionist. -White and Wadsworth"
Plum and Peacock: "Professor Plum: What are you afraid of, a fate worse than death? Mrs. Peacock: No, just death, isn't that enough? -Plum and Peacock"
Mustard and Wadsworth: "Colonel Mustard: Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests? Wadsworth: You don't need any help from me, sir. -Mustard and Wadsworth"
White,Green, and Scarlett: "Mrs. White: Are you a cop? Mr. Green: No, I'm a plant. Miss Scarlet: A plant? I thought men like you were usually called a fruit. Mr. Green: Very funny. -White,Green, and Scarlett"
Mrs. White: "He was always a stupidly optimistic man. I mean, I'm afraid it came as a great shock when he died but he was found at died at home his head had been cut off and, um, so had his, umm... you KNOW -Mrs. White"
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