How to Marry a Millionaire
Release: October 29, 1953
Release: October 29, 1953

Resourceful Schatze Page (Lauren Bacall), spunky Loco Dempsey (Betty Grable), and ditzy Pola Debevoise (Marilyn Monroe) rent a luxurious Sutton Place penthouse in New York City from Freddie Denmark (David Wayne), who is avoiding the IRS by living in Europe. The women plan to use it to attract and marry millionaires: Rockefeller or Vanderbilt. Pola queries whether a Mr Texaco or Mr Cadillac exists. When money is tight, Schatze pawns some of Freddie's furniture, without his knowledge of course; as winter approaches, the furnishings gradually vanish. One day, Loco carries in some groceries, assisted by Tom Brookman (Cameron Mitchell). Tom is very interested in Schatze, but she knows from prior marital experience what he is — a "gas pump jockey" — and tries repeatedly to brush him off, without success. She has her sights on bigger game: the charming, classy widower J.D. Hanley (William Powell) whose worth is irreproachably large. All the while she's stalking the older J.D., Tom keeps after her. After every one of their dates, she tells him she never wants to see him again. She refuses to marry a poor man again. Released in 1953 this was the first film to be produced in CinemaScope.

Pola Debevoise: "Do you know who I want to marry?"
Loco Dempsey: "Who?"
Pola Debevoise: "Rockefeller"
Loco Dempsey: "Which one?"
Pola Debevoise: "I don't care"
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