The Stuff
Release: June 14, 1985
Release: June 14, 1985

Although “The Stuff” has been long since forgotten by many retro buffs (and video stores), this movie introduced an evil from the most unlikely place--even more unlikely than the seed pods from “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Only in the ‘80s could such an idea be conducted…and released to the mainstream public. A strange new frozen desert is tantalizing the taste buds of the entire free world. To top it off, it adds no calories. Everybody’s eating this stuff: children, parents, supermodels, you name it. But we should all know that nothing’s too good to be true. This stuff is actually some kind of living organism that preys on other organisms, and once it has eaten them, they become lobotomized zombies whose only purpose is to protect the stuff. Do four suspicious victims have the stuff to stop…the stuff, or will humanity become nothing more than a cream-filled army of emotionless monsters? This is perhaps the one and only movie that has really stuck out my mind throughout my lifetime; maybe it’s because some of the stuff that’s in food “really” is monstrous. I mean, just think about what several McDonalds’ hamburgers will do to you…eventually.

"Where's the Beef?" Lady: "[in a commercial] Whe-eeee-ere's the stuff?!?"
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