The Survivors
Release: December 15, 1983
Release: December 15, 1983

Robin Williams,Walter Matthau,and Jerry Reed star in this comedy about,misfortune,survival,and friendship.Sonny Paluso(Matthau) and Donald Quinelle(Williams) are two unfortunate people who just lost their jobs, when they meet in a diner( Sonny's gas station has been blown away and Donald has just been fired by his boss' parrot!!!). But that day, their lives change when they prevent a thief (Reed) from robbing the diner, and they become heroes. Unfortunately, Jack (the robber) sees Donald on the TV,bragging about his heroism, and desides to go after Donald and Sonny. In the meantime, Donald becomes obsessed with guns and leaves for the mountains, where he will learn to survive.Soon the 3 face off in a crazy,humurous,finale.The 1983 comedy was directed by Michael Ritchie

Jack: "I was raised a strict Southern Baptist. I place a high value on human life... $20,000 minimum."
Donald Quinelle: "What kind of man gives cigarettes to trees?!"
Donald Quinelle: "You shot my gun! You don't shoot a man's gun!"
Donald Quinelle: "Ok, Mr. Honky Mo Fo.....Take your best shot!"
Donald Quinelle: "*In the middle of the shoot out* Jaaaaack?"
Jack: "Yeah?"
Donald: "Time out, OK?"
Jack: "Time out?"
Donald: "Time out."
Jack: "What do you mean, 'time out?'"
Donald: "You're not gonna believe this. I was in a hurry when I left the cabin this morning, and, well, silly me, I got the wrong bullets."
Sonny Paluso: "You think Wes is a God, don't you?"
Donald Quinelle: "No, not God, Just an ordinary man. Maybe a little ahead of his time, but just an ordinary man."
Sonny Paluso: "Wes is an asshole."
Donald Quinelle: "Blasphemy! Oh, you'll smoke a turd in hell for that!"
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