Night Patrol
Release: January 01, 1984
Release: January 01, 1984

A Bumbling L.A.,Cal. police officer(played by former "Gong Show"regular..Murray Langston.."The Unknown Comic")is put on "The Night Patrol"with an obnoxious partner(played by former "Smothers Brothers' Comedy Hour"regular:Pat Paulson). "Melvin"The bumbler is not too thrilled about pulling Night time duty..because this prevents him from trying to develop his nightclub act as"The Unknown Comic". His situation gets even worse..when an imposter dressed as "Melvin's" bag sporting joke teller is committing crimes all over the city. And An PBA is sent out to capture"The Unknown Comic" ..dead or alive. Linda Blair and Billy Barty also appear in the movie as Langston's girl friend and the police station's radio operator"Officer Sue Per Man" and Station Cmdr:"Capt.Lewis". Actress and singer:E.J.Peaker also appeared in this"Melvin's"(Langston's)talent agent. "Night Patrol"was not a hit at the box office and it was quickly pulled from release. The movie did however become a hit.. when it rerunned on cable tv years later and has since gained a cult following. Blair and Langston would be reunited for another film"Up Your Alley".

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