Obvious Child
Release: June 06, 2014

Adapted from Gillian Robespierre's own short film of the same name, Obvious Child stars Jenny Slate as Donna Stern, an aspiring standup comic in her late twenties who regularly performs at a Brooklyn bar on open-mic nights when there's no cover charge. As the story opens, Donna gets dumped by her boyfriend (supposedly for talking about their relationship too much in her act) and loses her day job at a bookstore that's being evicted by the owner of the building. Not long after, during a night of epic drinking, she meets Max (Jake Lacy). The two hit it off and enjoy a drunken one-night stand, which Donna slinks away from in the morning. eeks later, Donna discovers she's pregnant. Knowing she's in no way ready to be a mother, she decides to have an abortion. She tries repeatedly to tell Max what is happening, but keeps chickening out -- in part because he's such a nice guy.

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