Family Feud Quotes
Steve Harvey:
Play Family Feud on Facebook with your friends! I'm Steve Harvey, we'll see you next time folks!
Joey Fatone:
It's time to play Family Feud! Give it up for Steve Harvey!
Love ya, see ya here on the Feud!
Ray Combs:
Richard Dawson:
So the Mackins were our final winning family, and they've won $5,504, and I'm proud of 'em. I've had the most incredible luck in my career. I've done lots and lots of jobs, and I've never, ever had a job like Family Feud. I've never DREAMED I would ever have a job where so many people could touch me and I could touch them (Audience laughing). And it is...a great magic about this show that I've never seen on any other show. I want to publicly acknowledge Howard Felsher, who's our executive producer. He was a producer in the beginning of the show, and he helped steer and guide the way that we went and he and I fall a lot of times, but I tell you that he is important and I should acknowledge him, because he was the one, with me, that, we said, "Let anybody come on this show, anyone that could play this game, no matter what color or creed, no matter if they're in a wheelchair or they have no sight!" And we had everybody on this show, and he was very, very important in that I acknowledge and thank him for it. I thanked my crew, and I thanked my director already. I had the best staff you've ever dreamed of. You can't...but you don't have to dream of them, 'cause I'm gonna take them with me. Even if I never work again, they'll just be near me (Audience laughing) They are so special and wonderful. ABC - Jackie Smith, Wally Weltmen, Joe C. Albott - they kept us on the air probably a year more than they should have, 'cause were weren't really helping them. You know, our ratings weren't that good and they were so great. They buried themselves carrying us, and I love them for that. Not that I wanted to hurt 'em, but I...'cause I love 'em. They were good people. There were people I know that got upset that I kiss people; I kiss them for luck and love, that's all. That's what my mother did to me. There were people upset that I would embrace or hug someone of a different color. (smacks lips) The first time I ever saw people of any color was when D-Day left from my hometown in England, to go and free Europe from the war. And there was every color you could imagine, and I'd not seen that in England. And I asked my mother about it; I said, "Is there something wrong?" she said, "God...God makes people. You understand that don't you?" And I said, "Yeah!" She said, "Who makes a rainbow?" I said, "God." She said, "I never presumed to tell anyone who could make a rainbow what color to make children!" and she changed my whole life with that statement. All I can tell you is, this has been a very special nine years of my life! If I never do another thing, I've met the good, sweet people of the world. So I leave you with love, and for the little girl, that, nine years ago I first signed to - I guess she's 13 now - I'll think of you everyday (camera snapshot). God bless all the little children in the world. Thank You.
Steve Harvey:
(About the death of Richard Dawson) We are saddened today about the passing of the original host of this show. On June 3rd, Richard Dawson has died. He was at age 79. He died from three week battle against cancer. We will miss you, Richard Dawson.
Louie Anderson:
Be good to your family, Come back and see our family, On the feud.
Richard Karn:
Name a sport husbands and wives can play together. You said... "kickball!" You know, you're not usually married in third grade.
Ray Combs:
You know, I've done this show for six years, and this could be the first time that I had a person that actually got no points in Fast Money, and I think it's a damn fine way to go out. I thought I was a loser until you walked up here; you made me feel like a man. Something that should be built to last. You said, [no answer revealed, followed by a zero], hmmm. [kisses contestant on the head] Give 'em five dollars a point!
(holding back tears): Why'd you do that to me?
Gene Wood:
Because they love you, Richard.
Give me a slang word for policeman.
Male Contestant:
OK...let us see what he said!
Ray Combs:
I'm real excited about being on CBS and hosting this show. I have been studying all of the great CBS shows. I think I'm prepared, so if you're ready, let's have the first item up for bids. (Audience laughs) Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute! That's the wrong show!
-Ray Combs
Richard Dawson:
I haven't been this excited since I got the oil drilling rights to Jack Lord's hair!
-Richard Dawson
Richard Dawson:
Survey said.......
Gene Wood:
On your marks! Let's start "THE FAMILY FEUD!" With the star of "Family Feud", RICHARD DAWSON!
Richard Dawson Contestant:
During what month of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant?" "September.
-Richard Dawson Contestant
Richard Dawson Contestant:
Richard Dawson: Name an animal with 3 letters in its name. Contestant: Alligator.
-Richard Dawson Contestant
Richard Dawson Contestant:
Richard Dawson: Name a romantic sounding instrument.
Contestant: Drum.
-Richard Dawson Contestant