Bionic Woman Quotes
Jaime Summers:
You'd Be Surprised What is Under This Skin Of Mine
Lisa Galloway:
I expect it's the same as what I have.
Jaime Summers:
Maybe, but at least MINE is the REAL thing!
Lisa Galloway:
We'll just SEE about that, Bionic Witch!
Jaime: "I'm NOT feeling sorry for myself - I'm fed up! Three years ago they brought me back to life. I felt very grateful, okay? And I said I would work for them. I decided to become an agent and go on a mission occasionally, but THEN "occasionally" became ALL THE TIME!"

*slight pause*

"Chris, I haven't had any life of my own at all. All I've had is missions. I don't like what I've been doing, and I DON'T like what I've become!"

Chris: "Well it was good enough for me to fall in love with."

Jaime: "Oh really? Well what are you in love with? "Cuz if you're a leg man, honey, you're out of luck."