Voyagers! Quotes
Phineas Bogg: Do you know what you've done. History's gonna change because you couldn't control your shaggy little mutt! Empires are gonna fall, wars are gonna rage, I'm gonna lose my job!"
Jeffrey Jones: Your job! Who do you think you are? You break into my room, knock me out window and bring me here! Wherever I am, you deserve to lose your lousy job!
Phineas: Yeah!!?
Jeffrey: Yeah!
Phineas: Smart kids give me a pain..
Phineas Bogg: "I've been playing cards since they were made of rocks."
Jeffrey Jones: "It must have been tough to shuffle."
Phineas Bogg: "Bat's Breath!"
Jeffrey Jones: "You know the code, no romance while the omni is red!"
Phineas Bogg: "We're Voyagers kid, Time waits for no man!"