Chucky is back, and this time, it's Andy he wants! Despite being roasted to a crisp in his last escapade, Chucky rises from the ashes after being reconstructed by the toy company, who are wanting to forget the negative publicity surrounding the doll. Chucky, back in one piece, traces Andy to a foster home.Unfortunatley, Andy's foster parents don't belive him when he claims that Chucky crept in in the middle of the night, tied him to the bed, and tried to kill him! Andy's foster Dad, Phil, takes Chucky, and chucks him into the basement. Later that night, Andy Goes into the basement to kill Chucky, but Phil hears the noise, andgoes down to check what it is. Chucky trips Phil on the stairs killing him. Andy is taken away to the care centre, not long after, his foster mum is killed, too! Chucky takes Andy's foster sister Kyle hostage, and tells her to drive him to where Andy is. Once there, Chucky pulls the fire alarm, causing the building to be evacuated!Chucky then stabs the care centre worker, Andy and Kyle flee the building. Chucky chases Andy and Kyle to the Good Guy factory, where he attempts to take Andy's soul.He is interupted, when he discovers he is bleeding, meaning that he is stuck in the doll body forever. He jumps at Andy, but Kyle pushes loads of boxes on Chucky, trapping him. They try to escape the factory, but are locked in! Andy and Kyle hide from Chucky at the other side of a doll-eye machime, but accidently cause a pile-up in the machine! A factory worker goes to unblock it, but Chucky traps his head inside the machine, and incinerates the worker's eyes in! Chucky then gets his hand stuck in a metal grate, and Andy pulls a big vat of melted plactic on Chucky, but Chucky jumps up at Andy! He tries to stab him, but Andy knocks Chucky onto a conveyor belt that leads into a machine that insrets doll limbs, making Chucky deformred. Kyle then shoves a pipe in Chucky's mouth, causing him to explode. Andy and Kyle exit the factory, headed for the help centre. End of movie!