The Rugrats take their act to Europe in this sequel to the animated feature The Rugrats Movie. Chuckie Finster (voice of Christine Cavanaugh) has been fretting over his father Chas (voice of Michael Bell) and his status as a single father, as he wants to have a mommy like all of his friends. Chas and Stu Pickles (voice of Jack Riley) were hired to create a bevy of electronic critters for the newly opened Euro-Reptarland theme park, but the robots are acting up, and park manager Coco La Bouche (Susan Sarandon) is hopping mad. So Stu and Chas are flown to Paris to do some repairs, and the whole gang tags along. Their visit to the City of Lights proves to be one adventure after another, as Chuckie tries to find a suitable mother (with Coco leading the pack) and Tommy (voice of Elizabeth Dailey) somehow gets behind the wheel of the giant Reptar robot. Rugrats in Paris: The Movie features original songs from T-Boz from TLC, The Baha Men, and Mylene Farmer, while John Lithgow, Debbie Reynolds, and Mako contribute to the voice cast.

Elizabeth Daily - Tommy Pickles [Voice]
Christine Cavanaugh - Chuckey Finster [Voice]
Michael Patrick Bell - Chas Finster [Voice]
Susan Sarandon - Coco La Bouche [Voice]
Cheryl Chase - Anjelica Pickles [Voice]
Julia Kato - Kira [Voice]
Jack Riley - Stu Pickles [Voice]
Melanie Chartoff - Didi Pickles [Voice]
Tara Charendoff - [Voice]
Kath Soucie - [Voice]
John Lithgow - Jean-Claude [Voice]
Lisa McClowry - [Voice]
Debbie Reynolds - [Voice]
Mako - [Voice]
Casey Kasem - [Voice]
Tim Curry - [Voice]
Philip Proctor - [Voice]
Dan Castellaneta - [Voice]
Tress MacNeille - [Voice]
Kevin Richardson - [Voice]
Billy West - [Voice]
Joe Alaskey - Grandpa Pickles [Voice]