The subject of this comedy was Sister Bertrille, a bright,
exuberant young novice who brightened the lives of all at the
ancient Convent San Tanco, situated on a hilltop near San Juan,
Puerto Rico. Not the least of Sister Bertrille's attributes was
that she could fly. How? Well, "when lift plus thrust is greater
than load plus drag," any object can fly, including Sister Bertrille,
who weighed only 90 pounds. Whenever a stiff wind caught the
starched cornette worn by her order, off she went. These
aerodynamics were not always pleasant.

Theme Song Lyrics

Who needs wings to fly?
Certainly not I.
I prefer to take upon the breeze.
Follow any swallow that may please my fancy.
I just close my eyes.
Tiptoe through the skies.
Long as there's a heaven standing by,
Who needs things like wings to fly?


Sally Field as Sister Bertrille (Elsie Ethrington)
Marge Redmond as Sister Jacqueline
Madeleine Sherwood as Rev. Mother Superior Placido
Shelley Morrison as Sister Sixto
Linda Dangcil as Sister Ana
Naomi Stevens as Sister Theresa
Alejandro Rey as Carlos Ramirez
Vito Scotti as Captain Gaspar Formento
Manuel Padilla Jr. as Marcello (an orphan boy)
Dwayne Hickman as Randy Putnam
Elinor Donahue as Jennifer Ethrington (Elsie's Sister)
June Whitley as Mrs. Ethrington (Elsie's Mom)
Laurence Haddon as Mr. Ethrington (Elsie's Dad)
Rich Little as Brother Paul Bernardi
Pamela Ferdin as Linda Shapiro (Carlos' Niece)
Henry Cordon as Antonio (Carlos' Uncle)
Frank Silvera as Thomas (Carlos' Uncle)