Little Bear and Father Bear set out on a camping trip. While camping on a hill Father Bear talks about the wilderness and the time he met an eagle. The next day Little Bear meets another bear in the wilderness called Cub. They both wrestle around in a river, Cub then chases after a moose leaving Little Bear all alone when he is met with a villainous mountain lion named Trouble, but Cub comes back and saves him from getting eaten. They then enjoy a grilled fish breakfast together with Father Bear before they decide its time to start heading home. Little Bear asks Cub if he wants to come with them, Cub agrees. Back at the house Cub tries to get used to living in a house. The whole family then makes flapjacks for lunch. Little Bear then wants Cub to meet his friends Cat, Owl, Duck, and Hen. When they learn that Cub got separated from his parents during a bad storm, they decide to go on a journey to search for them. They make missing person posters for Cub's parents and then head back into the wilderness to hang them up. While doing so they meet their friend Moose, he shows them that beavers have used a poster to make a dam. Little Bear and Cub break the dam and in the process get washed away down stream getting separated from the rest of the group. They find Duck has wandered downstream as well looking for Cub's parents. They then run into Cub's best friends Poppy and Pete, two silly red foxes who took care of Cub when he lost his parents. They spend the night in the foxes den and the next day they keep looking and head towards a canyon. There they meet Trouble again and he tries to eat Duck, but Poppy and Pete save Ducks life. Little Bear manages to scare of the mountain lion with some help from Cub's parents. Cub and his parents are reunited and Little Bear is found by his family and friends, They decide to go home and on the way back to the house it starts snowing.