A remake of the 1970s series, this series was a joint venture between the British Tetra Films the U.S. by Nickelodeon.

A young singer disappears on-stage suddenly, before hundreds of witnesses, after a severe bout of stage-fright makes her wish to be somewhere else. While authorities investigate, the young girl, Lisa, finds herself stranded on a Pacific Island. The only other inhabitant is Adam, who reassures her the way off the island is the same way on: teleportation.

While her attempts only serve to drop her several hundred yards out into the sea, Adam says it will only take practice to master her powers. Then he shows her another interesting aspect of the island, why all the new people are brought there when they first teleport. Beneath the sand lies an ancient alien craft, its origin and purpose unknown, but somehow, it "speaks" to the people that come to the island, and they can speak with it as well. Telepathy amongst their kind seems to be another new trait.

As the story progresses, Lisa learns that more people are showing these unique abilities, the power to teleport, speak telepathically, heal with the power of thought and more. They are also unable to harm or kill another living creature. Adam believes that they are all the next stage of human evolution, meant to protect humanity from its worst so that generations may continue to work towards a better future.