a 22-episode anime television series produced by Xebec, it ran from November 1998 to September 1999. The television series has been dubbed into English in Singapore by Odex[5] and released in 2003.Shunichi Domoto is a 5th grade boy. He usually helps the sport teams in his school due to his talent in sports. One day his friend, Beso kimura lost his Yoyo in a Yoyo duel against a bully boy, Benkei Musashimaru and ask shunichi for help. Shunichi challenges benkei to a Yoyo duel then defeats him. After that he was challenged by the exceptionally gifted Yoyoer, Seito Hojoin and get beaten because he ridiculed the Yoyo game. So, Shunichi enters Japan's Yoyo championship to get his revenge from his loss with Seito. Throughout this Championship, he learns new Yoyo Skills, meets new friends and powerful rivals.