Attic Grab Bag #1

Memories one bag at a time
March 18, 2013
So I'm starting this new thing where every time I go home to see my parents, I grab something of mine from the attic. As luck would have it, most of my old toys and belongings are still up there. Also, you may ask yourself, "Why only 1 box?". The answer to that is easy, my house now isn't that big and I have very little room for this shit. So this allows me to go through it and decide whether or not to keep it.

These bags will more than likely be filled with random stuff from my room and could be anything from toys, basketball cards, Gameboys, to things I used to hang on my walls. More than likely, if it's still up there and not already donated, it has some sentimental value or special meaning to me. So this will basically be a journey through my childhood one bag at a time.

Home Alone 2 Talkboy (just the box)

This is just something I ran across while searching for something to take. How this box ended up being saved while every other box my toys came in didn't, I 'll never know. To tell you the truth, I forget where my Talkboy itself went. But I find this box much more intriguing. I can almost remember getting this for Christmas or a birthday and being pretty psyched. The main thing I did with it was record songs from Disney movies to play back at my leisure. Other than that, it was just a cool gadget that made me feel more bad ass.

Fireball Yo-Yo

Now this was the thing to have. During our 6th grade trip to Chicago, almost all the guys got super cool yo-yos. This thing was amazing. It'd sleep all day long and it just looked awesome. I spent countless hours perfecting all kinds of tricks to impress my friends. Then a few months later when we all got into Junior High,yo-yos were no longer cool and no one cared. There's an important lesson in there somewhere.

And at some point down the line I got really into "lubing up my yo-yo" and tried all kinds of stuff to make it sleep longer. Eventually it just smelled like furniture polish and didn't work as well.

In my defense, this was before the internet. So most of the stuff I tried was trial and error. I'm fairly certain it still smells like an old wood cabinet.

R2-D2 Giga Pet

There was a craze in the 90's that involved taking care of virtual pets. You would feed them,walk them and care for them in a lot of ways living creatures actually needed. So it would make sense this would eventually be translated into taking care of robots. Let's break this down, we were taking care of a machine on a machine. There's something very perverse about the whole thing. Which probably explains why my R2 unit always ran away or died.

Which kind of pissed me off considering in the movie R2 gets blown up and can repair space ships. But yet when I forget his oil 1 damn time, he packs up his shit and calls Droid Protective Services on me.

The Simpsons Homer Van

Like a lot of things in this bag, I'm not sure how this ended up in here. I had very few Simpsons toys, besides this and some dolls from Pizza Hutt. There were never a lot of times I would actually play with this other than to look in the back and see some sort of comical scene, which I guess is kind of cool.

(It was extremely hard to take this picture by the way)

This was apparently part of a two vehicle set put out by Hot Wheels. I will say, it is clever packaging. The other vehicles appears to be a kind of SUV, presumably driven by Bart.

I'm not sure what's in it. This one must have been a little more rare, as there aren't as many pictures of it. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say it's Bart driving through the school while Mr. Skinner yells at him.

Han Solo

Out of everything in the bag, I'm super excited to see Han Solo make an appearance. This is one of the first Star Wars action figures I got and he somehow still has his blaster with him (there's something very fitting about that).

I hope he's had a good journey over the years. For good measure I had him blast a few Stormtroopers before going back in the bag. I'm definitely saving this for when my future children get old enough to play with these kind of toys.

The rest of my Star Wars figures are somewhere up there, hopefully in the near future he is reunited with Chewie and Princess Leia. However, I'm pretty sure Cloud City Han is still encased in carbonite. Maybe some day I'll rescue him...

A bunch of random trading cards

I also found a bunch of trading cards. This must be a detachment of a larger batch I had, because there should be a lot more. There is a bit of everything in here. Some TMNT movie cards, TMNT cartoon series cards, Star Wars, Batman and Batman Returns and many more.

Although some of these stick out more than the others...

These cards always kind of scared me. I mean look at this! It's a dinosaur eating kids in a classroom! No where is safe! This was during the time where Garbage Pail Kids were setting the trading card trend. How these were aimed towards kids, I'll never know.

Anyway, these cards were called "Dinosaurs Attack!" and were put out by Topps. They were a follow up to "Mars Attacks" trading cards of the 1960's. Tim Burton actually wanted to make a movie out of these, but later scrapped that idea once he heard someone was making Jurassic Park. Although this is also how we got the movie, "Mars Attacks!". (stumbled onto some interesting trivia there)

Other stuff

Well, this isn't as exciting. Just a collection of random things I found. There is a Cub Scouts BB gun shooting belt buckle badge, a paper football, GI Joe dog tags, a movie stub from Spider-Man, and a TMNT weapon (Bee-Bop's I believe).
Again, a pretty random array of crap. But really, I think that almost tells more of a story than anything else.
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