Inspired by the best-selling novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks, "A Walk to Remember" tells the story of a preacher's daughter, Jamie (Mandy Moore) and guileless rebel Landon (Shane West), whose worlds collide when, after an initiation gone wrong involving initiating a student into a clique, Landon is forced into community service including janitorial work with the school's janitorial staff, tutoring students at Beaufort High's sister school on Saturday mornings, both for an indeterminate period, and finally, participating in the school drama club's final play of the year. Soon after all is set and done, after Landon abandons his friends after a "Virgin Mary" printout surfaces, Jamie begins to fall head over heels for Landon. However, Jamie is hiding a secret that no one, except Jamie herself and her father, Reverend Sullivan (Peter Coyote) knows anything about: Jamie has leukemia and is dying. After being in the hospital in several scenes, Jamie goes home and Landon sets back to work building Jamie a new telescope (he had started earlier, but after Jamie fainted and had to be rushed to the hospital, Landon rushed to be by her side). After Jamie and Landon examine the comet Hyakyutake Jamie told Landon about earlier in the movie, Landon asks Jamie to marry him; she says "yes", and she and Landon are united in marriage. Sadly, just a few months later, Jamie went with her unfailing faith. Landon visits Reverend Sullivan a few years later with the news that he got accepted to medical school, then tells the good reverend that he's sorry Jamie never got her miracle, to which Reverend Sullivan replies "she did; it was you".