This is the cut-throat story of greed, blackmail, sex, and of course, butter. For the past 15 years, Bob Pickler has been the butter carving champion at the Iowa State Fair. But when the organizers ask him to step down to give others a chance to win, Bob's wife Laura (who dreams of seeing Bob becoming governor someday) isn't taking the news lightly and enters herself keeping the family tradition alive. The only people that stand in Laura's way are Bob's would-be mistress, a bad-girl stripper named Brooke, his #1 fan Carol-Ann, and the most unlikely yet formidable contender of them all: 11-year-old Destiny, an African-American foster child. Facing three opponents, mocked by her stepdaughter Kaitlen and furious with her husband, Laura resolves to do whatever it takes to win. Even if that means resorting to sabotage -- and recruiting her dim-witted former boyfriend Boyd as a co-conspirator. Directed by Jim Field Smith. Starring Jennifer Garner, Ty Burrell, Olivia Wilde, Rob Corddry, Ashley Greene, Alicia Silverstone, Kristen Schaal, Yara Shahidi, and Hugh Jackman.