The 90's Holiday Trilogy: Thanksgiving

Part 2 of the trilogy of holidays is one of a Turkey
November 11, 2013

Well the trick or treating has been done and the costumes are up for another year and as the ghouls and skeletons go away. They are replaced with the smells of spice, Turkey and Apple and pumpkin pies. It's Thanksgiving everyone. Time for food, Fun and family. In honor of this holiday we will be looking at a few traditions of this day of the turkey.

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

One of the few reasons to get up early in the morning and also one of the best that is probably on everyone's agenda for Thanksgiving is to get up early and watch the Parade and eat a bowl of cereal. You usually can tell it'll be a good Thanksgiving day after seeing it. Between the giant balloons, The Floats and the performances all leading up to Santa and the start of the Christmas season. It's a tradition that almost everyone has done since they were kids.

Movie Marathons

We all have those days that it's raining and all you want to do is curl up in a blanket and watch movies all day. Thanksgiving you get to do that. But with family. All on the couch watching movies after the parade has ended and dinner is still in the oven. Whether it's watching a bad movie to make fun of or watching a classic movie or something to get you in the mood for Christmas. It's all in having fun with family and friends

Tv Specials

Like any holiday there is always a TV special of some kind whether it's a special episode or a TV movie. Thanksgiving is no different. Though the most popular is A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. There are special events that happen as well such as The dog show right after the parade and football. Though it's usually passed over by movie marathons at home still entertaining while dinner is cooking.

Family Gatherings

The biggest theme of Thanksgiving is to be thankful for what you have. Most of the time what people are thankful for is family. So when Thanksgiving rolls around you have usually family members from all over come together to catch up eat a good meal and have a good time and remember the past. Some you miss seeing others not so much. Regardless it's a fun time to be had.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Well the family is all here and the food is ready and on the table. This is what everyone has been waiting all day for. Snacking until the big meal and now the time has come to feast on turkey and all the trimmings. Creamy mashed potatoes made with milk and topped with butter with a bit of salt and pepper, fluffy stuffing right off of the stove. Turkey right out of the oven with crisp brown skin and moist meat (Though usually is the consistency of cardboard) Green beans soaked in butter and to finish it off a nice slice of apple (Or pumpkin) Pie with whipped cream and a scoop of ice cream.

Decorate the Christmas tree

This is a tradition that is in my own family and probably alot of others. After dinner is made and eaten the Christmas Tree would be decorated for the Christmas holiday. It is the last part of the day that brings the family together.

With that we conclude part 2 of our Holiday Trilogy. Join me next month for the final part of this Trilogy where I look at the holiday that feels like it comes sooner and sooner each year. So enjoy your turkey dinner and leftovers and Happy Thanksgiving.

Until then Live Life and Live Nostalgic.

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