U-Pick Live was a programming block on Nickelodeon where viewers could vote via the internet and pick shows they wanted to see air. Sketches and gags involving the audience would wrap the space between shows. The main hosts of the show were Brett Poplizzio and Candace Bailey. Other characters included a superhero named Pick Boy(Jeff Sutphen)who would pick members from the audience to participate in various events. He was removed from the show after a (gag) poll but later returned. Antonio Neves appeard and would often perform stunts on the show including the tape run at the show's open. Garbagio would appear occasionally and wrestle random objects. The last character was Cow, a man in a cow suit. Characters introduced later were Professor Pickens, and Logan the intern.

Every episode of the show featured recurring segments and gags. At the start of each show is the "tape run" where Antonio would deliver a tape of the chosen Nicktoon to a studio to play in a comic way. In the middle of the show is the "prize wall" where a studio audience could pick one of 14 and 5/8 doors for a prize from the "Bucket of Bucks" to electronics to random and useless junk. In Candace's Corner, Candace would talk to audience members and viewers with comic interruption. In Boys vs. Girls Brett and the audience boys would compete with Candace and the audience girls. In "Ten Seconds with Brett" Brett would give an important piece of advice only to be cut off by the timer.

The series gained a large popularity and fanbase but was cancelled in 2005 after Candace's contract expired.