This show was produced originally in Japan and was later shown on Nick as part of the Nick Jr. block. It was picked up for North American distribution and dubbed into English by Quebec-based Cinar Films (now DHX Media) and Viacom Enterprises (now CBS Television Distribution).

The series was set in a magical land where all the animals spoke the same language and were friends.

The story is focused on the adventures of Roobear Koala, and his wonderful family, who are also koala bears and his wonderful friends.

Brother Nick and Sister Pamela 'Pamie' Penguin, twin sisters Floppy and Mimi Rabbit, his friend Laura Koala, with the bully Walter Kangaroo and many countless of other characters.

There was also an old character named Weather, who could forcast on well the weather and his gliding friend Mingle, a young animal who was apparently an orphan.