A man named Roary,so unhappy with life,decides to commit suicide,by jumping from a building.His attempt is unsuccessful,and he is left crippled up.After several months,in the hospital,Roary tries to start his life over again.He soon finds a sanctuary from his pain,at" Max's Bar"(frequented by other disabled people of the area.)While at" Max's"Roary makes a good friend in Jerry,a crippled man,who dreams of being a professional basketball player.Jerry is a fantastic basketball player,but due to his bad knee,his playing pro ball seems impossible,without surgery.Roary, and the other patrons,decided to help Jerry realize his dream,in this underrated,heartwarming,drama.Starring John Savage as Roary,David Morse as Jerry,and Diana Scarwid as Louise,Directed by Richard Donner.