"Radio", a 23-year-old young man living with intellectual disability, pushes a shopping car along the streets. He is attracted by a high school football team, but after the team's coach (Coach Jones) - taking pity on Radio, both for his disability and his enthusiasm - asks him to help, the team members abuse Radio by locking him in a shed. The team's coach confronts them, and delivers Radio to his house, where Radio's mother is introduced. It is also revealed that Radio's father passed away a few years before. Coach Jones begins spending more and more time with Radio, which concerns the fathers of many of the team members. However, one of the fathers, Frank Clay, suggests that the coach stop associating with Radio, as he views the boy as merely a distraction to his own son's success. Coach Jones is resistant, and it is later discovered that this resistance was partially induced by an earlier incident during his childhood in which the Coach did not do anything to help a mentally disabled boy who was locked under a house. Radio soon begins schooling at a high school despite the fact he never formally completed school, and can't stop getting into trouble.