Top 5 Chuck E. Cheese/Showbiz Pizza Clones

A look back at the days of pizza and animatronics.
November 07, 2017

In the 1980s,Chuck E.Cheese's and Showbiz Pizza Place were both popular destinations for birthday parties.They provided a unique combination of pizza,animatronics,and arcade games.So naturally,other buisnesses wanted to try their strategy.While a lot of the clones were forgettable,some were quite memorable and fun,so let's have a look at the top 5 best Chuck E.Cheese's/Showbiz Pizza clones.

5.)Captain Andy's River Towne(1981-1990)
Captain Andy's River Towne was a restraunt in Nottingham,Maryland and Lakewood,California that was open from December 1981 to May 1990.River Towne's mascot was a fire officer dog,named Captain Andy.Another notable character was,Honeysuckle Ambrosia,a singing hippopotamus.The animatronic show was present at Thorpe Park from 1985-1998,and Watermouth Castle from 2001-today.Also,The animatronic fire truck was featured on Pawn Stars.

Razz-Ma-Tazz was a unique pizza restraunt in Illinois,New Jersey,and various other locations.The restraunt was themed like an old-fashioned carnival,and featured an animatronic band named ,The Electric Mouse Orchestra.After one of the locations folded,Pixar bought the animatronics to play in their office.


Gigglebees was a restraunt in Sioux Falls,South Dakota.The restraunt is well known in the Sioux Falls area due to Wilbur the Coyote.Wilbur was an animatronic coyote that would ride on a bicycle and deliver pizza.The bicycle was on a little track,that would circle around the different tables.After Gigglebees closed,Wilbur appeared on radio shows,as well as Siouxper con.


2.)Major Magic's All-Star Pizza Revue(1982-2010)
Major Magic's was a creative take on the family entertainment center restraunt,in Michigan and Ohio.The animatronic show features anthropomorphic animals,instruments,and songs from the 1950s.It lasted until 2010,making it one of the last remaining clones.I think that Major Magic's deserves to be ranked at number two,because of the originality of the animatronics such as,Rock The Crock and Ludwig Von Drum.
Before I reveal number one,here are other great restraunts,that I did not mention.

Honorable Mention.)Circus Playhouse(1981-1990)

Honorable Mention.)John Phillip Tuba's Ice Cream Emporium(1981-1990)

Honorable Mention.)Tex Critter's Pizza Jamboree(1982-1984)

Gadgets was a restraunt in Long Island and Towson.It was designed,with the intention of an upscale take on a Family Entertainment Center.Gadgets is number one because of the Looney Tunes animatonic characters.Another interesting animatronic at Gadgets was,Sammy Sands,an animatronic piano player.

I hope you enjoyed my article,goodbye.
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