This is the one of the 3 sequels from the original Don Bluth movie" An American Tail".

A recent "Cat Attack" ends guiding Fievel Mouskewitz's family and the other mice of New York to the sewer where a strange Western mouse, that's really a puppet performed by the villian of the movie, Cat R. Waul, voiced by John Cleese, telling them to move west where cats are friendly, Sheriff Wylie Burp is the best sheriff in the west, and everything's right. But on the way there, Fievel discovers that Cat R. Waul, a spider, T.R Chula, and other cats, responsible for the Cat Attack, are planning to turn the mice into "mice burgers". It's not long before Chula gives Fievel the "Flying Aaugh" and sens him off the train. In the western desert, he encounters an eagle, his feline friend, Tiger, being a god for a tribe of mice Indians, and reaching Green River where his family is. Meanwhile, Tanya, his sister, is discovered by Cat R. Waul and makes her the entertainment in his saloon, the mice are hard at work making the big mice trap, not knowing it, and no one seems to believe that the cats are really plotting to eat them and thst Tiger is a god. Fievel will have to get the help of Wylie Burp to stop Cat R. Waul...or should we say "Pussy Poos" as Miss Kitty, Tiger's girlfriend, calls him, and take him down! Tiger will have to help as well!