Debut: September 09, 1989
Ended: December 06, 1991
Debut: September 09, 1989
Ended: December 06, 1991

This show is about a little goth girl named Lydia who isn't like her happy-faced school girl peers, and is sick of her tortured and boring life so she summons a freelance bio-exorcist ghost with the most named Beetlejuice! And her boring life soon becomes filled with fun and danger. Beetlejuice can shapeshift into anything and has a great sense of humor, he is wise cracking type of ghost. For example: One time Lydia enters the Neitherworld (Afterlife world filled with Beetlejuice and other ghosts, corpses, and monsters), she enters Beetlejuice's house and he is sitting in a barbers chair. Beetlejuice is getting his hair cut and says he needs some mouse. Then on the corner of his shoulder pops a small moose lathering up his hands and putting mouse in BJ's hair. Just about everything you can think of in the Neitherworld, lived up to its name. Like a monkey wrench would actually look like a monkey, or The Pat on the Back was an evil leprechaun that popped up on your back. Even his neighbor's dog was a cross between a bull and a dog. He was disliked by the other ghouls and ghosts in the Netherworld, because of the pranks he played on them. Lydia would later get a car named Doomie, that would transform into a werebeast when cornered , threatened or when Lydia and Beetlejuice were in trouble. Lydia also had to put up with a snobby girl in school, but Beetlejuice always managed to get back at her in a pretty gross yet funny way. The show was filled with good humor like that as well as great animation.

Lydia: "Though I know should be wary, Still I venture someplace scary! Ghostly hauntings I turn loose Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! "
Beetlejuice: "It's.. SHOWTIME!"
Beetlejuice: "Babes... (referring to Lydia)"
Lydia: "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!!"
Lydia: "Deadly-vu!"
Beetlejuice and Lydia: "Lydia:(attempting to make silly faces in her mirror) Hey Beetlejuice am I scary? Beetlejuice:(loses his attention to a beetle he was about to eat and it gets away) Aaaaaah! You made me lose my lunch! Lydia: Really!! -Beetlejuice and Lydia"
Beetlejuice: "Shop 'till you freak at the Spooky Boutique! -Beetlejuice"
Beetlejuice: "There's something rotten in the state of Denmark (sniffs) No problem, it's me. -Beetlejuice"
Claire: "Beetlejuice? Ughh, only Lydia would come up with a word as disgusting as Beetlejuice. -Claire"
Lydia and Beetlejuice: "Lydia: Beetlejuice, why can't you fly when Sandworms are around ?! Beetlejuice: (sitting down a shaking with a tramasized look) I...I don't know..I just freeze up (changes into a snowman and then back to normal) Bogus, huh. -Lydia and Beetlejuice"
Lydia: "I'm really babysitting now (Big Baby spews on her and the other babies) AND IT'S NOT FOR TWO BUCKS AN HOUR! -Lydia"
Lydia: "(Beetlejuice zooms past her on trike) AHH! Poor little Arelo must be terrified! (He wizzes past on trike with biker like clothes) Heh, heh, Hey babes! Lydia: Arrelo??? -Lydia"
Beetlejuice: "(in cage) Look, I got a problem maybe you can help me out.. I got these friends I'd said I meet and its the kind of thing that you gotta be there in person.. -Beetlejuice"
Prosector: "Beetlejuice has been a pimple on the nose of the Neitherworld! There was the hela monster in the mayors underwear incident! The cootie invasion of '49! and who can forget BEETLEMANIA! -Prosector"
Beetlejuice Lydia: "Beetlejuice: Hey! What am I, garbage? Lydia: You wish! -Beetlejuice Lydia"
Beetlejuice: "I'm gonna turn that tinhorn tumbleweed into prairie purée! -Beetlejuice"
Beetlejuice: "No body, no nose...the troubles I've seen. -Beetlejuice"
Lydia's Mom: "Why dear, whatever is the matter? -Lydia's Mom"
Lydia: "At this point, I'll try anything."
Lydia: "Whats the sound of one hand clapping?"
Beetlejuice: "If a tree falls on a man and there is no one around, does he make a sound?"
Lydia: "What came first the egg or the chicken?"
Beetlejuice: "Which did came first?"
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