I was a little kid once. Yeah, thats how life goes, little one day older guy writing articles online the next.
Seriously though, when you were little do you remember some of the games spookin you a little bit or just making you jump? Well, I remember a few. Here are a few I remember.

Perfectionarticle image
Yes, the game of Perfection. I played that game over and over and regardless if I knew the timer was running out or not I would still try. Buuuuuuutt, as soon as it was all over..... KABLAMM!! The timer would expire, the unfinished puzzle would go spraying into the air, and I would get spooked everytime.

Operationarticle image

Yet another terrifying board game. Yes, Operation wasn't even a nice cover up for a good game. Look at it from a different perspective. You are a surgeon, in an unsanitary environment, with dirty tweezers, trying to remove organs from a man that has not been given anesthesia yet (look at that face). You may think twice about having surgery any time soon, seeing as how those same people that played that game as kids are now performing that surgery. But I digress, There I am playing Operation in a dimly lit room ready to remove the Writer's Cramp from his arm and everything has slowed down. quiet..quiet.. BUUUUUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz. Ahhhhhhh! Now I hafta have surgery to remove the tweezers from my hand.

What video game character gave you the willies?
Back in the day, games were good and free of controversy. Remember the big deal over Mortal Kombat? " article imageNintendo said "I'm a skeeered of violence" and Sega said "Lets gore it up! and that led the road for video games having a rating system.article image Bah humbug.
I think the games we played when I was little were much scarier.I think that was mainly because the graphics made you have to use your imagination more.

Maniac Mansionarticle image This game wasn't the most frightning but it spooked me a little. I distinctly remember anytime Weird Ed would show up on screen and catch me I'd freak out. article image

Coming in at most frightening is.....
Friday the 13th game for the NES.article image Mind you, the actual movies didn't scare me. They were the best horror flicks I'll ever see. The game on the other hand made me jump like a ..a.. well... a little kid. I distinctly remember hearing the noise when Jason would show up and it would make me jump every time. article image

I was actually scared of the NES Jason. And until he STAYS dead I'll always remember him as the scariest game villain ever.article image