So, I was not born in the 90's. I was born in the 2000's. But I had things that were nostalgia for me.

Flipnote Studio
For example, Flipnote Studio.article image
This software was on the Nintendo DSi sometime in the 2000's. It as an animation application, well, used for making animations. I never had the skill to make anything on there. And if you saw my attempts, you would hate me. I only loved this app for its online feature. Flipnote Hatena.
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You could post your flipnotes and creations there. It was a really great place to be. (At least for me.) But sadly, on May of 2013, the website shut down. It was a really sad moment for child me. I still feel bad for it today. But someone re created the site in 2014. Sudomemo.
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Alot of the famous people returned to begin their career on Sudo.

The Wii.

I used to own a wii, and I loved it. I had Mario 1 2 and 3, (1 being the first one I ever played,) and Wipeout.
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I also messed around with the Mii Maker. I loved making them. I also liked with my friend. Nick. He also had a Wii. He didn't have much games thgough. he had to move one day, so he took "his" Wii with him. It was the wrong one. He took our Wii, with all the games, and left us with his. When I found that out, I was so angry.
This was another console I used to own. I had a lot of fun games, such as Super Meat Boy (2010) and Minecraft. (2009)
I played these games all the time, and got really creative in Minecraft. My friend, Nick, made my whole house on it once. I didn't get to keep the games though. the games were on a flash drive. I eventually lost them. the only game I had left was Battle Block Theater (2013).

I didn't have much stuff I remembered, but there was a lot. Everyday I feel sentimental about these memories, and wish I could relive them. I'm probably one of the few who feels nostalgia for the 2000's on this website. That's all I have for now.