Hey guys! I'm back. This is Part Two of my review of all the Batman films. Today I'm going to review...ugh...Joel Schumacher's Batman movies.

Joel Schumacher's Batman (1995-1997):

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Even though Batman Returns was a huge box office success, making $266,822,354 worldwide, it caused controversy with some parents at the time for its darkness and violence in the film.

Thus, Warner Bros felt they needed to change the direction of the Batman films and make them more "family-friendly." The studio felt that Batman Returns did make as much money as could have.

So they kicked Tim Burton out of the director's chair, and replaced him with Joel Schumacher. And this my friends, is when the Batman franchise went downhill...

Batman Forever (1995):

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Batman Forever was the first Batman movie directed by Joel Schumacher. Micheal Keaton did not reprise his role as Batman, and was instead replaced by Val Kilmer. Chris O' Donnell plays Robin, Jim Carrey plays the Riddler, Nicole Kidman play Dr. Chase Meridian, and Tommy Lee Jones plays Two-Face.

This movie was a mixed-bag. This movie a lot a lighter and campier than the previous Batman movies.

This movie also started the use of bad puns, such as when Batman says to Dr. Meridian, "It's the car, right? Chicks love the car."

We also get...the freaking...bat-nipples...Oh my God:

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Val Kilmer's Batman:

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I liked Val Kilmer's Batman. I felt he was a better Batman than Micheal Keaton, considering he was more fit for the role and you could tell he was much better in combat that Micheal Keaton was.

He also had a MUCH BETTER Bruce Wayne. He looked and acted a billionare. Not to mention, you actually got see some depth added to Bruce Wayne, and the film explored his character a lot more than the Burton films did.

I think people write off Val Kilmer's performance as Batman just because he was in a Schumacher film.

Chris O'Donnell's Robin:

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I thought Chris O'Donnell gave a decent interpretation of Robin. But he was way WAY TOO OLD to be Robin. I mean really, a 35-year old man playing a 14-year old teenager who is taken in by Bruce Wayne???


Jim Carrey's Riddler:

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Jim Carrey was great in this movie, but he was too much like the Joker in this movie, and not really like the Riddler. He was also a little over-the-top in this movie. Being a Riddler fan, I would like to see him done right in a future Batman film.

Tommy Lee Jones' Two Face:

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They got a great actor, Tommy Lee Jones, to play Two-Face. He could made an great performance as Harvey Dent. But NO, we had to get a Two-Face who was nothing more than a second-rate Joker with half of his face made of bubblegum.

Thank God, Two-Face was done justice in The Dark Knight.

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Overall Batman Forever wasn't that good of a movie. The only positives I could say about this film is that it has a lot colorful lights and makes a great live-action cartoon.

Batman Forever's problem was that it tried to be serious and campy at the same time, and as a result, we got a mixed bag.

I did, however, I like Val Kilmer's Batman/Bruce Wayne and prefer him over Micheal Keaton.

And Nicole Kidman was really HOT in this film.

And next, we review this...movie:

Batman & Robin (1997):

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In 1997, Warner Bros released not only the worst Batman movie, but the worst superhero movie of all time. This movie is so bad, that any of the flaws of the first three Batman movies can easily be looked over when comparing them to this film. This is the definition of how NOT to make a superhero film.

If you thought the puns in Batman Forever were bad, they are EVERYWHERE in this movie.

We also get awful close-ups and buttshots in this movie:

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Very disturbing...I know.

George Clooney's Batman:

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That's right. George freaking Clooney was casted as Batman. His Batman was so awful, that he is easily the worst Batman of all the live-action Batman movies.

Alicia Silverstone's Batgirl:

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Yes, we got Batgirl in this movie. And it is ridiculously campy and her character is stupid and pointless.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze

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Good God Almighty. This Mr. Freeze did nothing but shout awful puns and played with his toy gun the whole time. This movie DESTROYED Mr. Freeze.

Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy:

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I thought Uma Thurman was super HOT as Poison Ivy. But her Poison Ivy was just as campy and bad as Mr. Freeze was in this movie.

Robert Swenson's Bane:

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I bet you had no idea that Bane was in this movie. He is, and when he shows up, he does nothing but stump around yelling "BANE!" like he is the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk.

And did I mention...the...Bat Credit Card:

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No words can describe just how awful this was seeing in the movie.

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So there you have it. This was not only the worst Batman movie, but the WORST superhero movie of all time! This movie killed the Batman franchise!

This was movie was so bad, even Joel Schumacher apologized for the movie!


Thankfully, Joel Schumacher would never be near another Batman movie again, and the franchise would be save 8 years later...

Thanks for reading, guys! Please leave me your thoughts on you felt about Article #2! I will get to Article #3 as soon as possible!