Playhouse Disney Memories

A 20th Birthday tribute to Playhouse Disney.
May 16, 2017

Playhouse Disney started started on 5/8/97 meaning that as of now it is 20 years old. So, to honor the 20th anneversary of Playhouse Disney I will reminisce about all of the playhouse Disney shows I watched as a kid.

First, Bear In The Big Blue House, which was a show about a Bear named Bear who resided in his home with other animal characters like, Tutter(a mouse), Treelo(a lemur), Pip and pop(otters),and Ojo(bear cub).For some odd reason,I don't remember much about this show other than the Breakfast with Bear segments and a pig character who was a doctor.But,being a big fan of Jim Henson at the time,I remember watching this show quite a bit, but unfortunatley can't remember a whole lot about it.


The next show that I will talk about is Jungle Junction.Jungle Junction is about a fictional jungle, where hybrids of animals and cars exist.Characters in this series include Zooter, a pig,and Ellyvan an elephant in the form of the van.While I can't recall the plot to any episodes,However I remember being a big fan of the show and I also remember purchasing the toys.

The next show that I would like to talk about is Imagination Movers.Imagination movers is about a music group who reside in a large warehouse where they have to solve various problems.I remember this show mostly for the fun episodes and the catchy as hell theme song.Of all the episodes that I watched the one that I always remembered the most was the episode that featured a can of nuts where a snake would pop out and I remember being startled by that sequence.All in all,Imagination Movers was a fun show that kids today should watch.

Next was Bunnytown.Bunnytown was about a town inhabited by anthropamorphic bunnies.I remember that I would play the Bunnytown games on Playhouse all the time mostly the ice cream shop one but I played a few others.Unfortunatley,I don't have very fond memories of watching the TV series.My only memory is of being annoyed to the point of insanity by one of the characters,and my only other memory is over a boxing match between a human actor and some kind of costumed character.


Another show that I remember watching every morning was Little Einsteins.The show was about 4 kids who would fly around in a rocket teaching lessons that would possibly go over the heads of kids.I vividly remember waking up every morning and watching this while eating my cold cereal.I also remember the view master discs based on this show that had lots of interesting facts.


Handy Manny was another Playhouse Disney show I loved as a kid.Handy Manny was about a handy man with talking tools who would help him fix things and solve problems.The episode I remember the most was the one where an elevator got stuck and the one that introduced the flashlight character.I also remember that one of my favorite childhood toys was the Handy Manny toolbox with the singing tools.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a show that gets quite a bit of criticism,but I honestly enjoyed watching it as a child.While I don't enjoy it much Know,I still like looking back on it.

Tasty Time With ZeFronk is a show that no one seems to remember.It was about a dog who would make recepies as a cat would always try and get some of the food.I have fond memories of recreating the food that ZeFronk would make on the show and laughing at all of the silly antics that would happen.

Lastly I would like to mention some other shows that I don't remember much about.
Higglytown Heros:I literally only remember the title.
Stanley:My only knowledge of the show comes from a Leap Frog book based on it that came with animal cards.
The Koala Brothers:I only remember the intro.
Jhonny and the Sprites:I only remember that I saw this once.
Charlie and Lola:I only remember commercials for this series.
The Wiggles:I only remember the fruit salad song.
Rollie Pollie Ollie:I watched this a lot,but I didn't include it because,I watched it on the Treehouse dvds and not on Playhouse Disney.
The Doodlebops:I only saw a commercial for it.
My Friends Tigger and Pooh:I only had the View Master reels.
Special Agent Oso:I watched it but can't remember a thing.
Chuggington:I had the toys.
The Book of Pooh:I vaugely remember it.

With all of that said,I hope you had some nostalgic memories and goodbye.
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