No More Puppets! part 3/3

Last of the ones I remember and honorable mentions
February 07, 2012
This entry is the last of my three part retrospect on puppets in tv shows. In this article we will look at some shows that have come on in later years and honorable mentions.

Between the Lions

First up, Between the Lions. Made by the Jim Henson company, it was a show sort of like The Electric Company. It encouraged kids to read more and sometimes even guest stared some of the characters from Sesame Street. Speaking of which...

Sesame Street

What isn't there to say about this show? I'm pretty sure almost everyone grew up with this show. Seriously, this show was awesome! Teaching you how to read, count, use your imagination and everything else. And even though the show has gone down a bit in coolness over the years (I hate veggie monster and why is Elmo so famous all of a sudden?) it still will have a special place in my heart.

The Book of Pooh

Another show that will also have a place in my heart. Back when Disney Jr. was called Playhouse Disney, Disney had awesome shows for us younger crowd, this being one of them. It was basically about Pooh and his friends and just like any other Winnie the Pooh show, they went on fun adventures, but learned a good life lesson on the way. Plus this is the only show where there is a real person playing Christopher Robin (although we never see his face).

Lazy Town

Just like "Between the Lions" encouraged children to read more, "Lazy Town" encouraged children to excercise and eat healthy. I loved this show not only for it's catchy theme song, but for its clever use of latex puppets. The show was about a young girl in pink hair named Stephanie who moved to Lazy Town and made friends with the Town's superhero, Sportagus. Every episode was about the villian, Rotten Robbie, and how he would try to foil Sportagus or the children from doing something healthy.

It's a Big, Big World

a show about the jungle, I didn't really watch this one as well as I have the others since it came on when I was around the age of not watching ETV anymore. I still added it because it's a interesting show and taught about the enviroment a lot.

The Upside-Down Show

A realy interesting show. It taught kids how to use their imagination and to remember to knock before entering. The show was more about the human characters than the puppets, but the puppets that were on the show were interesting. It got cancelled because of low viewership but it still comes on Noggin late at night.

Mr. Meaty

A more grotesque show than most of the ones I've mentioned. The show was about two teens that worked at a fast food joint inside a mall. It originally started out as shorts in-between shows on Nickelodeon but soon got it's own show. It ended after 2 seasons because of numerous complaints from parents (and many vegetarians)complaining about the the grossness of the show. There has only beeen a few episodes released on a Nick Pick DVD but so far no actual seasons have been released.

In the Night Garden

This show has only appreared on The Hub, but it has since then interested me. It is along the lines of "The Teletubbies" as the puppets do not speak but there is a narrator that talks to the puppets on occasion. It seems to be a show about what a child dreams about and has no real lessons, but its fun to watch and the imagry is nice. I would suggest checking it out sometime.


Another weird show from Nickelodeon. I don't remember much from this show except that all of the characters seem to look like mutated sock puppets and they spoke little to no english. I enjoyed it when it was on though and there have been many DVD releases of some of the episodes.

Blue's Room

This show was made around the time Joe replaced Steve on the original Blue's Clues show. He occasionally showed up in this show as well. This was the first show where we hear Blue and her friends actually speak. It only ran for about 1 season, but there are DVD's of some episodes in stores.
And now for honorable mentions. Meaning "yes I know about this show, but it has already been talked about or I didn't watch it growing up".

The Muppet Show/Muppets Tonight- another user on this site is doing a history of the Muppets so I will leave that up to him/her.

Fraggle Rock- I only found out about this show about when I was 15 so I didn't really grow up with it However, they are begining to show reruns of it on The Hub.

Eureka's Castle- Never saw this show until a year ago.

Lamb Chop's Play-a Long - I have so vague memories of this show that there is literaly nothing to talk about. However, Shari di make an earlier show back in the 60s/70s that has been released on DVD so I would suggest checking that out.

The Jim Henson Hour- another show I just found out about recently.

The Story Teller- Didn't even hear of this show untill I rented it from my library 4 years ago. It is a great show and I would suggest checking it out or if you have an English or Mythology class try asking your teacher to show an episode since all of them are based on some sort of mytho.

Barney - NO...just no.

Teletubbies - Read Barney^

Howdy Doody - I plan to talk about this show in more detail in a whole different article so stay tuned for that sometime in the future.

Well I hoped all of you enjoyed reading my 3 part retrospective on puppets in televison. I'm sorry if you did not see you favorite puppet show on this list. I have only seen so much TV, and can only remember much less of it. In recent years puppets have fallen out for more cheaper ways of CGI. Again, I have no problem with that. I just miss the the good ol' days. Well that's what this site is for so Thank You and Happy Reading.
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