PBS Kids Memories

The 2000s was when PBS kids was in it's prime.
May 29, 2017

As a young child growing up in the 2000s PBS kids was one of my most watched networks.In this article I will be talking about some of the PBS shows that I watched as a kid.


First I will talk about my favorite show on PBS as a kid,Sesame Street.I watched a lot of Classic Sesame Street and I remember watching Elmo in Grouchland and Elmo's World a lot.I also remember watching the planetarium show.Of all the sesame street sketches my favorites were always the animated segments like the pinball ones.Sesame Street was one of if not my favorite childhood tv show.

Next was Reading Rainbow.My memories of this show come from the fact that I owned most of the books featured on the show.I also remember enjoying the intro and some claymation short that featured pigs.

Mr.Rogers'Neighborhood is another show that I loved as a kid.I remember thinking that the puppets were really cool.Like Sesame Street Mr.Rogers'also had a planatarium show that I remember watching every time I went to The Children's Meuseum.

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Wordworld was a severely underrated cartoon from my childhood.I had forgotten about it untill I recently saw the theme song and found my old Wordworld magnetic plush toys.As a kid I thought that it was really cool how almost everything in the show was made out of words.The only other thing that I remember is that my favorite character was the duck.


It's A Big Big World was another favorite of mine.It revolved around a sloth named Snook who lives in a jungle with other animal characters.I remember that I watched this all the time and I also had all of the books.

Arthur is cartoon that everyone watched as a kid.I mostly just remember the extremely catchy theme song.I loved it as a kid just because of how relateable they were.Arthur was an entertaining show that will always have a special place in my childhood.

Bill Nye,the science guy was a very interesting show.I remember that it used to teach me about science.I also remember that I loved the music videos that would play at the end of every episode.

Between the lions was another show that I would watch all the time.My favorite segments were the cliff hanger shorts as well as the dance in smarty pants song.I also remember that Chick-Fil-A gave out Between the Lions Cliff Hanger books with their kids meal toys.I also remember getting a Between the Lions bookend from Chick-Fil-A.

Then there was Lomax The Hound of Music.This show featured various old folk songs as well as puppet characters.I remember watching this show all the time as well as enjoying the songs.Lomax The Hound of Music is a fun and very underrated show.

Lastly there was Zooboomafoo.I really enjoyed this show as a kid.My favorite part was the claymation segments.The series was fun,entertaining,and taught me a lot about animals as a kid.

And now for shows that I don't remember much of
Jakers:I vaugely remember it.
Maya and Miguel:I Don't remember much about it.
Danger Rangers:I had a book of it.
Fetch:I don't remember much of it.
Martha Speaks:Don't remember much.
Sid the Science Kid:I didn't watch it much.
Sagwa:I never saw it.
Boohbah:I never saw much of it.
Cyberchase:Don't remember much.
Dinosaur train:didn't watch much of it.
Jay Jay the Jet Plane:never saw
Dragontales:Never saw.
Plaza Sesamo:never saw.
Wishbone:Didn't watch much of
Barney:Didn't watch much of
Wilson and Ditch:never watched
Teletubbis:only watched once
Toopy and bino:vaugely remember
Wordgirl:only watched once
ZOOM:never saw
The Electric company:never saw
Wild Kratts:never saw
Angelina Ballerina:didn't watch much of
Timothy goes to school:Didn't watch much of it
Bob the builder:didn't watch much
Elliot Moose:Don't remember much
Clifford:Didn't watch much
Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies:didn't watch much of it
Panwapa:I remember watching it but I can't remember any episodes

With that said,goodbye and have a good rest of your day.
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