Gorgeous Actresses In History

Vol One
April 07, 2008
First I want to start with two whose shocker pictures I have just discovered

The first one is Erin Grey.

Oh...my...gggg. Okay, i'm fine. She was always pretty. I crushed on her when she was mr Strattons gal friend. She was even hot when she wore those dorky Buck Rogers jump suits. I wouldn't throw the Erin Grey from Jason Goes To Hell out of the house for eating crackers. (Trying to be PC here). But in the picture shown above, i'm sorry..but that's just smokin'.

Karen Grassle
Remember the wholesome mother from little house on the prarie? Well... Ba Bam!

I always thought she's be attractive in a 20th century world. She has a wholesome face. Nice eyes. But I did not, ever expect to see her like I did in the picture shown above. Her farrah hair looks good on her.

Carrie Fisher has always had the home grown good girl gone a little bad look. Ever see her in the film Shampoo? You really should. Long before star wars she was very hot, especially when she asked Warren Beateys character that notorious question.

What can I say about Bo Derek that already hasn't been said....a million times. She had the natural look and hollywood jumped on the chance to peddle her out. Ever watch 10? That movie hasn't lost it's magic yet.

Now for the faint of heart this next picture may push boundries a tad. It's baby sitter turned target Laurie Strode, uh..I mean Jamie Lee Curtis. Like Bo Derek, every one knows she was hot in her youth. But not too many people knew how hot.
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