Waiting Rooms.

An article about rooms, that we waited in.
July 20, 2009
Please have a seat.

It's one of those odd memories. Waiting rooms, that is. I'm pretty sure we all can remember being in them as kids. Whether it was going to the Doctor's, Dentist, or even the car dealership! I obviously don't spend my days sitting back in my rocking chair, smoking my pipe and reminiscing about sitting in Waiting rooms. But I think it would be fun to touch on this somewhat obscure part of child hood. So I'll play it as I remember it, from first stepping in to leaving. Heck, I may even touch on a couple of other types of rooms. Oh boy!

Just in case some of you are are nodding off. It's always good to have a Nintendo reference. No matter what the subject. Remember that.

Ahem...where was I...Ah yes, waiting rooms.

You have a fever, were going to the Doctors. I had been trying to hold in my coughing and not show signs of my stomach ache. But eventually my Mom noticed. I had a "healthy" fear of the Doctors ever since I could remember. And I'd rather tough out the black plague than have that psycho jab a swab at my tonsils.

The office itself was a dungeon of unimaginable terrors. You'd see kids go in, then hear yells for mercy and crying and screaming that would have made Chuck Norris' blood curl. Not to mention they put the doorknobs about 5 feet up the door. Heartless. But this article ain't about Doctor visits!! So let's get back on track.

This should get me a couple of more thumbs.

I hated when the room was crowded and me and my mom would have to sit in different seats. So when that happened, and it most always did, I would quietly sit down between the crying baby and the overweight kid with the ear infection. There I would read the most odd magazine on earth. HighLights!

I'll never know what this magazine was about. I'd open it up and flip though a couple of pages. I think they had crossword puzzles and mazes. But man was it boring! The kid version of the New Yorker. Lame-O! Soon I would put it back on the racks and go for an old issue of Car and Driver only to find my seat taken. Oh well, that's life in the Waiting Room. But that leads us to my next segment. The Play Area.

I sure did like the city road carpets. Especially if I smuggled in some of my own Hot Wheels. Although when pushed the cars rolled about as much as a 82 Civic hauling a trailer loaded with Slap Bracelets, uphill. Not to mention now that I think about it, playing on a carpet in a room full of sick kids isn't he best idea. I guess that's how the doctors kept us coming back.

Now that's what I'm talking about! One of my earliest memories of being in a Waiting Room involves cardboard bricks. I must have been around 3 so my recollection borders on fact and fiction, as usually the case with early memory. It was a really crowded room with yellow tile floors and dim lighting. I was playing with the bricks with other kids...What?! That's all I got! I was 3, don't expect a memoir.

Hair was pulled and arms were scratched over this treasure. Probably the most simple, yet alluring item in the waiting room. The Bead Maze. It was like a toy roller coaster. You could slide the beads along the wire any which way you liked. Up, down, forwards and backwards! I always hated the kid who had this toy while I waited for it. It would look so stupid watching them arbitrarily sliding the beads. Then when I got it I would do the same thing. I'm playing with my own Bead Maze now, no sharing this one. Sike! Counter Sike!

Well that's my time. I'd like to thank you all for reading my Top 10 Licensed Super Nintendo games from 1992. Till next time!

Just kidding! Relax
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