Some of my Childhood Fears.

Great but not great.
September 30, 2008
Don't you remember those books or movies that just scared the crap out of you when you were a kid? Well, I sure do remember. But looking back at them now, I don't know why they did. But here are a few

First I would like to talk about the "Scary Stories to tell in the Dark" Book Series. They have some stories in those books that Scary me till this day. Like the Story called "The Babysitter" where the phone call was coming from inside the house. The one Called "The Haunted House" was a really scary one. I think because of the Drawing of the women that was haunting it as you will see below. The one that scared me the most was the story called "ME TIE DOUGH-TY WALKER!" The head comes rolling down the Chimney to scary the person who dares to stay the night at the house. Alvin Schwartz was an Amazing artist. He had one of the best imaginations in the world. His pictures really told the stories on there own. We use to read those stories on the weekends when the skies were dark with rain and it was 2 in the afternoon. Great times.

The Next would be I think "A Nightmare on Elm Street". What a kid my age was doing watching a movie like that I don't know. But I use to be afraid to fall asleep.I one time had a dream that my closet door opened and he was poking his head out from the top shelf laughing at me. I hated that closet ever since that night. That part on one of the movies where he was walking down the Alley and his arms were long. Scary. Those movies always made the surroundings feel unreal after watching them.

Ok now Leprechaun. I one time had the same dream twice in two nights. I woke up but I was tied down to my bed by rubber rope. Then kinda like old game like animation, he jumped up from the foot of my bed landing then saying in a mean voice "where is me gold?!" Just then I got loose and ran down the hall where my mom stopped me but it wasn't her. Her eyes were black and her neck was as wide as her shoulders. Yup, that same dream two nights in a row. I hate that movie.

Labyrinth was spooky because of the puppet work. I hate puppets in movies like that. Everything already looks strange and all and I just can't take it ha. I would hate to wake up one night and be in a world like that. What would I do? I would probably sit in the corner of my room and wait till I die! ha.

"In a Dark, Dark Room and more scary stories" Book was great. I remember getting it from my school library to read. I had trouble sleeping at night after reading a few of the really scary stories. Like the one called "The Pirate" He was hiding in the closet the whole time! Scary I know. Then the one called "The Ribbon". I think thats what its called. The whole meaning of that story is very taboo. I loved the book and its one of the best books that I have ever came across as a child.

Now that last thing I will post is "Garbage Pale Kids: The Movie" I TOTALLY HATE this movie. I am still scared of it. So Scared that I am not going to post a picture of it in this Article. It all comes down to the whole Puppet thing again. The Superman guy with the glasses with pimples is the one that scares me the most. Then The Booger girl. Gosh I hate talking about it. I think there should be a Phobia for that movie : GPK Phobia, There you go.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Article.

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