Hacked Games #1

One of many hacked games.
January 18, 2007

Now I’ve loved both Mario and Sonic games. And I always wished to see them both in one game, which we all know probably won’t happen. But one day while searching a site for Nintendo roms, I came across one called Sonic Mario 2. At first I thought it meant a game actually had been made with both those heroes. But as it turned out, it was a hacked Nintendo version of the first Sonic the Hedgehog game with Mario in Sonic’s place called Somari. In general, the game layout is kind of the same as on Sega Genesis and all the enemies are there, as well as Robotnick. But Mario is very hard to control on this game, and while the spin dash was added despite not being added in the first game, it’s incredibly slow. As far as running goes, it takes longer for Mario to slow down. Bad news if there’s an enemy or pit right in front of him.

I looked around and found some cartridges the game came from. From what I’ve read, it came from somewhere in Asia.

The Green Hill Zone. While the level layout is not exactly the same as the original game, you’ve still got loops, tunnels, and springs. Along with Robotnick’s classic wrecking ball at the end of the third act.

The Marble Zone.

The Spring Yard Zone.

The Labyrinth Zone. Not bad for a Nintendo hack.

The Starlight Zone. How is Mario going to get up that such a steep slope with his slow speed?

No Scrap Brain Zone here. Just goes right to the final conflict with Robotnick. From what I’ve read, after Robotnick’s defeated the screen just goes black. Which I guess makes sense, if they added credits, the people who messed with the game and sold it would be caught.

As far as some hacked pass off goes, this game really doesn’t cut it. It’s not really much good for more than a laugh, which I did when I saw it. But the graphics for pretty good a Nintendo game, so if it had been something more original I’d give it a higher score. Well this was my first article, so I hope everyone enjoyed it. More on hacked games will come out when time permits. But here’s a little teaser on the game subject of my next article.

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