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Come with me as I take a trip to a VG world that can be described in one word: Odd.
December 15, 2009
Greetings everyone, somedude here. First off, I want to thank those of you who read, commented and gave a Thumbs Up! to my first article: My Top 6 Monsters. The success of that has made me do this: A Review of, without a doubt, my favorite VG of all time! So let's stop wasting time and get this party started!

What can I say about this game? Released in Sept. of 1997, not only is it one of the weirdest games I've ever played, it also has one of the greatest, and original stories ever created for a VG. I loved it the first time I played it, and I love it even more now. What is this game?

I first heard of this game from one of my friends who had the demo on the PS Demo disc. He told me how great it is, and I decided to try it out. My first impression of it was absolute amazement. never yet did I ever play a game that was so dark and different. I quickly became a big fan of it, and when I found out when it came out, I begged my mom to get it for my birthday. She did, and I couldn't have been more excited.
It took me four days to get to the Monsaic Lines, it took me a month to get through Scrabania, two weeks to get through Paramonia, two days to get back to RuptureFarms, and one day to get to the end. And after all that, I got the bad ending. Suffice to say, I was extremely sad. So I played again a month later, this time being extremely careful, and I managed to find all the secrets. That time around, it only took me about a day and a half to beat it. I got the Good Ending and I was very happy. Take that you friggin' Scrabs!

If you don't know the story, let me tell ya. It takes place on a planet called Oddworld, and in the continent of Mudos.

you are Abe, a happy floor-waxer who works at RuptureFarms, the largest and most dangerous meat packing plant on Oddworld.

You are a Mudokon. You, along with 99 other members of your group, have been slaves your entire lives for your boss, Molluck the Glukkon, the most feared Glukkon on the planet.

When the game starts, you see Abe locked up in a detention cell, right above a grinder, waiting to be confronted by Mullock.

You see, you've done someting terribly awful. Something that's put you in DEEP trouble.
What did you do? Well, you found out that your boss decided to turn you and your whole race into snacks to save the factory.

"I'm starting to think Mullock lied when he promised me a promotion."

So finding that out, you go on a quest to save all 99 of your buddies from becoming tasty snacks. However, the quest already happened. So it's up to you to go through this adventure, go to distant lands, face odd and hungry creatures, become a monster, save all 99 Mudokons, and based on how many you save, see if they assist you in the present when you need help the most.

That's basically the story. It doesn't seem easy, because it isn't. There are complicated and frusturating puzzles in this game, along with secret areas that are nearly impossible to find, which just adds to the frusturation.
However, those little things mean nothing when looking at the big picture. This is a beautiful 2-D game. I mean look at these pre-rendered backgrounds behind the characters:

One word: Gorgeous.

Yes, this game's has a dark and mature theme. I mean it's talking about the persecution and elimination of an entire race (Glukkons & Sligs =The Germans and Mudokons = the Jews?). but it's got hope. It has lots of hope, and some comedy. It's funny, cause Abe is clumsy and doesn't seem like much of a hero. But that's what makes this great, cause it's a tale of an underdog, who's faced with the utter destruction of his people, becomes a warrior, overcomes the obsticles and claims his destiny. And that's why I love this game so much.




Another beautiful prerendered background.



Sligs live by this code:

"Shoot first, shoot some more, keep shooting, and then when everybody's dead, laugh about it."

I hope you guys enjoy this! Till next time!

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