Retro VG Review VI

A Review of the game: C.B. 2: Cortex Strikes Back!
August 02, 2010
Greetings everyone! It is I, somedude V3, here to give my review on another game of the past. But before I start, I want to re-explore what I've done so far.

Throughout my reviews, we've gone through the lands of Oddworld..

traveled through the Media Dimension with Gex..

and even went on a time traveling adventure with Crash Bandicoot!

So what's next you ask?

Simple. More Bandicoot!

Released on October 31, 1997, this sequel led the pants wearing Crash, to team up with his big-headed arch-nemesis, Dr. N. Cortex? To.... save the world from destruction? Or is there a darker scheme in play?....


As the game begins, we see Dr. Cortex falling to earth, after getting his butt handed to him by Crash. Hmm, he seems to get that a lot.

When he finally hits the ground, he realizes that he's in some dark cavern. So he gets a match from his pocket and lights it. As the light glows and his eyes adjust, he sees that he's in a cavern filled with the powerful crystals! What are the odds, huh?

We then move to N. Sanity Island, a year later, where Crash is relaxing while his sis is working on her laptop. Suddenly, her batteries die, so she asks Crash if he can go and get her some new ones.

So Crash starts on his way home, when he gets warped in some kind of vortex and disappears!

Crash then gets to an ancient Warp Room. there seems to be level portals all around him, and... oh, here comes Cortex, but in message form!

Dr. Cortex tells Crash why he brought him there: it seems that all the planets in the universe are going to align, thus creating a catastrophic solar flux! And the only thing that can stop this extreme force from destroying the planet are the crystals! Crash then learns that Cortex and Dr. N. Gin has created a "Cortex Vortex" that will take the energy and harmlessly destroy it. The problem? It needs crystals to work.

So Crash is going to have to travel through several different Warp Rooms, all with about five levels each..

and go through some old enemies, like Ripper Roo, and some new ones, like the Komodo Bros., in order to get the crystals, take them to Cortex and save the world. But the question remains, after all he did the first time around, can Dr. N. Cortex REALLY be trusted?....

My Thoughts

This is a great game, no doubt. The first one was good, this one was better. Course we all know the third was the best, but this one comes in a close second! Let's see: The graphics were fantastic in it's time, the music was awesome, especially when you had to run from the boulder.

the controls, as always on a Crash game, are top notch. not to mention, Cortex's voice is once again my favorite one in the game. But enough about that, time for the bosses!

Boss One: Ripper Roo

I hate him. Out of all the bosses, he gave me the most headache. Knocking out the first two sections of his life are easy when you learn the pattern, but that dang third and final part was a nightmare to get. because then he just jumps around with no pattern, and your only hope of living is if you jump from the explosion in time! It took me three tries until I finally
took him out. Two: The Komodo Bros.

These guys were pretty pathetic to be honest. Komodo Joe spins like Crash but it's easy to outrun him, and when he stops and gets dizzy, hit em. All Komodo Moe does is throw swords, which, like Komodo Joe, is easy to outrun. Really disappointing with this boss. Just too easy.

Boss Three: Tiny

Love Tiny. Why? 1. He's my second favorite character behind Crash. 2. His boss level is fun. 3. Who doesn't love Tiny? The thing is you have to be quick, or else Tiny will squish you beneath his monstrous body. Plus, the music is good.

Boss Four: Dr. N. Gin

Why is it that The N. Gin boss battles are always the coolest? Just like in Crash 3, Dr. N. Gin is in a spaceship, and in order to beat him, you have to shoot him with the Wumpa fruits! Not to mention, he has the most life out of all the bosses, even Dr. Cortex! Great boss battle, great villain, great stuff.

Final Boss: Dr. N. Cortex

Compared to the N. Gin battle, this one is pure crap. All you have to do is dodge the meteors and hit him. That's it. It only took me three, yes, three minutes to beat him. What a sorry excuse for a final boss. As I said in my Crash 3 review, Dr. N. Gin would have been a better final boss.

Ok, let's get down to it. Time for the Judgement!


Graphics: 5/5
Difficulty: 4/5
Sound: 5/5
Gameplay: 5/5

Game Score: 4.5/5

Must Have

Well everyone, that's it for this edition of Retro VG Review! So until next time "Good afternoon, good evening and good night."

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Crash cover Japan:

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