Retro VG Review II

This time, it's twice the Odd as I Review Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus!
December 18, 2009
Warning: This is a LONG read. If you don't mind, scroll on down!

If you haven't read my review of the 1st one, why are you loooking at the sequel?

1st game review:

Greetings everyone, somedude here. I hope you enjoyed my review of Oddworld Abe's Oddysee. I loved writing that review. But, the Odd isn't over. Cause right now, I'm gonna review the bonus game in the Oddworld Quintology, the sequel to Oddysee. So tighten up those loin cloths, and make sure your pony tail is good cause ladies and gentlemen, we're taking one more trip to Oddworld:

I love this one because, it's longer then the first, it has more interesting characters and places and it has good laughs in it.

If you don't know the story, listen up! This game picks up EXACTLY where the first one ended, where Abe is being cheered by the Mudokons. So while Abe is taking it in, Bigface, the Mudokon shaman, slaps Abe on the back. But Abe, being the clumsy goof he is, loses his balance and falls off the stage.


While he's unconsious, Abe is visited by The 3 Weirdos who want him to go to Soulstorm Mines, because the Glukkons have enslaved more Mudokons, and they are making them dig up the bones of dead ones so they can use them to make the addictive beverage Soulstorm Brew.

"Our Spew is your Brew!"

So Abe heads for Soulstorm Mines to save the mudokons there and shut it down:

But, there are some Mudokons who drunk so much brew that they're too sick to move, so to save them you have to go through the Mudomo and Mundachee Vaults to gain the power to save the rest at the Mines:

So after surviving the vaults & saving the rest of your sick buddies in the mines, you get transported to an ancient tomb where The 3 Weirdos tell you the main objective of this adventure: To shut down Soulstorm Brewery.

But to do that, you have to travel to the main tansportation hub of the Magog Cartel, FeeCo Depot.

However,when you get there,and go to the Soulstorm door, you find that there are 3 electric gates blocking the way.

It seems that after the fall of RuptureFarms, the Glukkons have upgraded their security.
And the only way to shut them down is by controlling the 3 Glukkons that put them there, and making them shut down the gates. So to get there, you have to go to these 3 places, possess the Glukkon in charge, make him shut the gate off, then make your escape:

First up is my personal favorite place, Slig Barracks. Basically, it's Slig Central.

The head cheese here is Gen. Dripik: He's incredibly stupid. Most of the time, he can't even remember his name!

2nd is Bonewerkz, The Company that strips the bones of the dead mudokons:

The main man here is Dir. Phleg. He is really fat, and worried about his career.

And the final one is FeeCo Depot itself.

The boss here is V.P. Aslik (Yes, if you pronounce it right, it should sound like..well, you know)
Out of the 3 Glukkons, he is the most power hungry.

So after you take care of those, you can finally get to Soulstorm Brewery. However, when you get there, you find out that that the Mudokon bones arn't the only thing that's mudokon-related to Soulstorm Brew. There's the secret special ingredient that makes Soulstorm Brew so addictive. And when you find out what it is, it shows just how brutal the Magog Cartel is..

That's all I'm gonna say. If you are intrigued to find out what the secret ingeredient is, go buy the game & play it!

MY THOUGHTS: If you played the 1st and thought that was tough, you ain't seen noting yet. This game is incredibly long, with not 99, but 300 mudokons that you have to save. Insane. The plus side is that they fixed the save system in this one. You can now save anytime you want, anywhere you want! Which makes it easier. The secret areas are easier to find as well, cause when you see bottles of Soulstorm brew on the ground, a secret is nearby.
There are more versions of enimes in this one that can really ruin your day and blow you to smitheerens. The Flying Sligs who can rain down bombs from high above are annoying, but they DO come in handy when you need to clear out a place before you can enter.

Another pain in the butt are the Greeters. All they do is move on their little wheel and spout lines for promoting Soulstorm brew. but they have a motion sensor on them, and if you move when it's on you, the Greeter will fry you faster then you can say "Oops."

Also the mudokons in this one have something that the ones in the 1st didn't, emotions. There are the sick ones who can't move unless you heal them, there are the angry ones, who won't do a thing you say until you say "Sorry", then there are the sad ones. What ever you do, don't slap them, if you do, they will commit suicide by slapping themselves to death, unless you say "Sorry".

The voice command in this one is improved. Instead of having to save mudokons one at a time, you can get them all at the same time by saying "Alla'ya!" Thank god!

The coolest thing I think is that now you can possess even more then just Sligs. In this one, you can possess Sligs, Scrabs, Paramites, and even the Glukkons.

But my favorite possession is your farts. That's right, you can possess your own farts. Just drink a bottle of brew, fart, and chant to take control of it. Chant right after you fart though, cause if you don't possess it in 5 seconds, it will explode. Mostly, you use the possessed fart to clear ways you can't get through alive, But sometimes, I just do it for fun.

And just like in the 1st one, the pre-rendered backgrounds are beautiful:

I just don't know what to say about the backgrounds except, Kudos to the guys who did those. Those backgrounds are Incredible.

Well, I think this has gone on LONG enough. This is the last Oddworld game I'm reviewing, because I haven't played the other 2, but I'm not interested in playing them. I'd rather stick with the 2-D ones. Cause after all, they're Retro Games.

FInal Score: A+++

I HIGHLY reccomend this game. Trust me, it's a classic. You will NOT be dissapointed.

You can get it off for just $7.49! So what are ya waitin' for? Go get it!

However, if you want to test it and see if it's the game for you you can download the demo here:

Yes, the Demo's free.

'Til next time!

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