Halloween time is candy time!

Candy on this side of the pond
October 01, 2009
Halloween is just around the corner and I was thinking what would make a good topic and a enjoyable read and it came to me, sweets!! This is only my second article and it is about sweets (Candy) as stated above that are popular in Europe and especially the U.K. I thought those reading might get a kick on reading about things across the pond. So Trick or Treat and all that fun stuff!

It's that time of year again, trick or treat time!

Firstly, I will start with one of the most popular sweets of all, " Wine gums " These gelatin candies are closely related to gumdrops but they are not sugar coated. The name is deceiving as they contain no wine but they do come in flavors like gin, rum, port and resemble a sweet flavor like wine without the alcoholic kick. The most common colors they come in are red, green, black, and yellow. The main brand in the UK is called Maynards. You'll see them in sweet shops in bags, boxes and also in clear jars where you can buy them by the pound or simply the weight you desire and the scale is set to the price, your bag is weighed and then you get your bag with set price.

The famous winegums

More Maynards

Next up are the ever popular Jelly Babies. These are also soft gelatin like sweets and they have been around since 1919. Introduced by the Trebor Bassetts company, they're still around today( The Jelly babies and company) and they are one of the biggest confectionery producers in Europe. It's interesting to note that Jelly Babies were first known as Peace Babies to mark the final end of World War I. Kids still enjoy them to this day, they're shaped just like cute babies and come in various colors.

Aren't they cute?

Grab a handful!

Thirdly we have a sweet of chocolate variety called Maltesers. In the US the one that most resembles these are called Whoppers. I am not being a homer but I tend to go for Maltesers over Whoopers as they have a smoother flavor and are not as bitter sweet. The main brand of Maltesers come in milk chocolate but they are also available in white chocolate and dark chocolate and you can't go wrong with any of them really. They have a very light honeycomb wafer like inside and they tend to melt in your mouth if you don't crunch them right away. They come in everything from small and large bags up to buckets to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Pop them in your mouth!
Next up in the chocolate variety we have " Lion Bar " The packaging is really cool, it just roars at you and these chocolate bars seem to pack a meal into one bar. They can certainly tide you over to your next meal like they say Snickers do. The Lion bar is chiefly made of wafer with crisped cereal with caramel in a milk chocolate. Take a browse and if you're hungry try to say you don't want to try one right now?

Roaring with flavor!

Here we have a sort of hybrid chocolate and biscuit called Penguin. These fine treats are put out by the McVities company and have been around since 1932. They normally come in packages of nine or more. They are best described as milk chocolate covered biscuits with a chocolate cream in the middle. They also come in fun wrappers normally with a joke printed on the back and when you lift up the back label you get the punch line. These would seem great to give to fans of Happy Feet.

A package of nine bars.


Making an appearance next is Rowntree's Fruit Gums. These are almost like very hard wine gums, much smaller in size and come in fruity flavors. You can put a whole bunch in your mouth at the same time and feel them stick to the roof of your mouth! haha You often have to use your tongue or even a finger to pry them out of that space. Despite having the name gum in their name they're not like gum at all, you don't spit them out, you can just swallow them. They contain real fruit juice and they've been around since 1893, a very long lasting legacy if you ask me!

A variety of flavors and colors.

A classic advert from the 50s!

Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween. Young or old, maybe you too will be getting some similar sweets for your Halloween treat this year!

Thanks for reading!

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