A Day in 1992

Halloween Day 1992
January 21, 2011
My most memorable Halloween, maybe, was in 1992. Most of my memories from this day, however, weren't even Halloween related.

Just coming home from school, I was 11 at this point and my sister was 9, we had the house to ourselves and the lead up to walking around and getting candy. While we ate, we watched the Fresh Prince. The show was entertaining at the time, I've seen it recently and its garbage, but at the time it was cool. I remember we had a black cat that I named "Jazz", not after the Transformer, but after DJ Jazzy Jeff...Seriously, what were we thinking? The cat got out one day...that was the end of Jazz.

I vividly remember coming home from school that day and my sister had on a Charlotte Hornets starter jacket, which at the time was the shit. The pullovers for every team were popular but the Hornets were a new team and the color teal was really big in 92, 93...

MLB baseball expansion was no different. While the Florida Marlins didn't come into existence until 1993, in 1992 they were selling everything Marlins and Rockies in anticipation of the coming expansion season. Some people went with the purple of the Rockies...I sided with the teal of the Marlins. The Hornets had purple as well, like a hybrid of the 2 baseball teams, but teal was the dominant color in the Hornets and for the Marlins, teal was the only color. In little league in 1992, I played on the Marlins, what luck? My new favorite team, that hadn't even played yet, was the team I was going to play on in little league? I remember to this day having the socks that were white but had the team stirups colored into them and rocking them shits, pulling them up and tucking my pants into them. So yes, this day coming home from school I had on a Florida Marlins teal fitted hat.

We got bored pretty quick with the Fresh Prince and decided we were gonna play some Sega Genesis. Because the album had just come out a month before, I put on STP's Core album. My sister recently came over my place and I have the Sega Sonic collection for ps3 and we put it on and had to get Creep by STP going on the computer for total nostalgia. Its crazy how songs really bring you back, much like listening to Bobby Brown in a Yugo, STP's Core album brings me back to my bedroom with my sister playing the best, and first, Sega Genesis game, Sonic the Hedgehog...

Remember the opening screen? "Segaaaa!" Oh, that sound still takes me back.

There was a secret code you could hit with the arrows and the A and B buttons to let you select any board you want. I almost always went to the twilight board, no relation to the movies where vampires don't have fangs or suck blood. Sonic did as promised, gave you the need for speed. You could hit down, turn into a litle blue ball of fury, and literally go so fast you couldn't control Sonic. Mario Brothers' first game is a classic but Mario 3 is my favorite of the Mario games. For Sonic, even though 2 and 3 were good, nothing holds a candle to the first one. The opening level was amazing and the colors were so bright, this was the future of gaming...at the time. The graphics were out of control for the time and I had other Genesis games like Golden Axe, Altered Beast and others but Sonic came with the system, NOT FOR RESALE, and on this day we rocked out to Sonic until we started on our night of trick or treating.

I suggested we play the wonderful Nightmare On Elm Street board game but my sister was terrified of Freddy and was having no part of the pre-Halloween fun. This board game came out years before 1992, if I'm remembering correctly, but I loved it and still have it to this day. I used to try to frighten my little sister by following her around saying, "I'm your DJ now, Kippy!" If you know the song, Nightmare On My Street, again by the Fresh Prince, you know what i'm talking about...

These McDonald's Halloween buckets were wonderful. I wish I still had these. We got them one day eating at Mickey D's and used them as Halloween decorations for years. I always just used a pillow case for trick or treating, I mean how much candy could you fit in these? But for decorations and nostalgia purposes, they're the bee's knees. Everything about these says Halloween in the early 90s.

I remember getting an obsurd amount of mellowcreme pumpkin candies and i couldn't be happier. I hated the candy corns, however, and would throw them away. The pumpkins taste way better and everytime i have one, i think of a combination of Sonic and STP...blue hedgehog and alternative grunge...thats what these little candy pumpkins taste like.

How thugged out was this mask? I was "Tricky Dick" in 1992 and I used it on a few other later Halloweens. I was not only trick or treating but robbing banks like Swayze in Point Break...in my mind's eye. I don't know why i wanted to be a president on Halloween, must have just looked cool, but this mask is one my most memorable Halloween outfits. Yes, this was my outfit, just the mask. I think I wore like a hoody and jeans with it, I remember a lot of people opening doors like, is that your whole costume? Bitch, yes! Now give me candy before I shit on your steps.
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