School Lunches

School lunches I remember from elementary school
January 06, 2014
School Lunches

When I went to school (especially elementary school) the best part of was going to lunch! Some of the food was excellent, but some of the foods just made you want to throw up. Now, in my elementary school we started going to lunch in first grade. But they let us go once in kindergarten at the end of the year to give us a taste of what the cafeteria was like. The first cafeteria food I ever had was pizza and that’s the first food were going to talk about.

Cafeteria pizza was different from regular pizza. It looked different and it tasted different, but it was still pretty good! For some reason it was always served with French fries or a vegetables (that’s not really what I would choose) but “okay”.

Up next ……….. Thanksgiving Feast

This was my most anticipated meal of the year. Every year the day before Thanksgiving break they would serve the Thanksgiving feast. The feast had of course turkey, and was accompanied by stuffing, corn, gravy, and bread. It was nothing like what you were going to eat at home but for school turkey it was good. This meal was like a shining light at the end of a long dark tunnel, I don’t mean to sound dramatic but once you saw this meal it meant that break was going to start soon.

Time to talk about the best …….. Nachos and Tacos!

Every time they had this I would go crazy! This was my favorite thing to eat at school! They didn’t have any side dishes on nacho days because they would pile them on your tray. This was always a good meal because it kept your stomach full until dinner. On the days when they served tacos the lunch ladies would give you a choice between another taco or desert. (I always took another taco)

Now it’s sadly time to talk about the worst foods that were served in any school cafeteria.

#1 Hamburger

Every time they had hamburgers they were dry and tasteless. If I remember correctly the school started to serve them on a wheat bun when I was in fourth grade so it made it taste a little worse. Normally when you have a dry tasteless burger you put ketchup or condiments on it right? But no, for some reason ketchup would just slide off the patty and end up in your lap.

#2 Stromboli

Don’t get me wrong Stromboli’s are one of my favorite foods to get with a pizza, but the ones the school served were as hard as rocks. If you didn’t chip your teeth on the sides in the middle was filled with a rubbery like cheese center. When I was young I thought all Stromboli’s tasted like this so it turned me off of them for a long time.

“Yep that looks disgusting”

#3 French toast sticks with sausage

Once again I love to eat this for breakfast, but the schools version literally made me sick to my stomach. My buddies and I always hated to eat this! Every time we lined up for lunch the smell would make us want to throw up. Here’s my question. How can you screw up French toast sticks? You throw them in the over and you take them out when they’re warm. NOT BURNT!

Lunch was always the best part of the day in elementary school. I remember in the beginning of the school day the teacher used to take everyone’s orders. The choices were either the main meal, the alternate meal, or the cereal meal. When I was in elementary school it was when school lunches were still good and not entirely healthy.

Well thanks for reading my first post! Stick around for more retro topics from the past.
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