You too, Toon Disney?

A summary on why I dislike Disney for what they did to my favorite channel.
July 28, 2006
Bob Dylan made the phrase 'Times They Are A-Changing' popular in a song he made entitled by that same quote. Well Bob, as a kid, I didn't want to believe you, but getting through my teenage years now, I'm really starting to see where he's coming from. There is no bigger evidence of this change though, in my opinion, related to retro other than a favorite that has sunk downhill. A TV channel, if you will, one that has been changed from a brilliant concept, to a channel that is more MTV for kids than MTV.

The channel I speak of, is of course, Toon Disney. Is it even called Toon Disney anymore? I wouldn't be surprised if the channel's name has officialy been changed to Jetix, as that is all that is ever seen coming out of this channel anymore.

Yes Jetix, what is Jetix? Well if you don't know that, I'll give you a simple explanation of Jetix. Apparently some suit over in Orlando thought, 'Hey, what if we replaced all our good stuff with stuff that the Disney Channel doesn't want, so we can put it on Toon Disney.' And from there this Toonami ripoff elevated, like a chain reaction. Need more details? Jetix is.. Well imagine your favorite animes, Ok? Now imagine them dumbed down and ripped off completely, with lame humor and crappy storylines, BINGO you have Jetix.

Now maybe I'm wrong, I'm no major company owner, that is one thing the Disney guys have over me. I could be wrong, I'm not even in college yet(One year to go!), but somehow I feel that I am right. Have any major ratings figures shown from Disney indicated that Jetix is infact much better in the long haul? I somehow doubt it, as if they were they'd be shoved in my face by now by Jetix fans.. Oh who am I kidding, Jetix fans don't exist.

Some will tell me, "Yeah, but it's for a new generation of kids, this is what they want. They want more action and better artwork. More pleasing to the eyes, y'know?". Well, maybe they're right, I would believe that if I didn't have two neices and two younger cousins. Whenever they come over they watch Boomerang, Nickelodeon or ask to watch one of my DVDs(Chip N Dale RnR is one of their favorites). So this goes to prove to me, that kids do infact love the older stuff, sure there's a few channels that get it right (Cartoon Network has quality cartoons for kids, Foster's, Ed Edd Eddy, Billy & Mandy, etc), but to them, Jetix is too much about appealing to a generation, and not just being good fun, which is what cartoons are for. They'd much rather watch the older stuff, but Disney just doesn't care, maybe the Jetix shows are easier/cheaper to make.

But, yet, you see that man right there? That is Walt Disney, founder of, you guessed it, Disney. Mr. Disney, like ourselves, liked to make money, and we can see why. But unlike the current executives, he did not COMPLETELY sacrafice quality for money, he still made sure the shows were likable. Disney was a great man, as was his brother, but ever since guys like Eisner hired some of the individuals he has, note I have nothing against Eisner, he's actually an alright guy, but you can't control everything so he doesn't know everything that went on in his administration, the Disney franchise seemed to become more about money and less about fun. Movies haven't been the same in years, though some of the best were released during Eisner's time, something is missing from the movies now though.. They just don't have that, Disney Magic(All Rights Reserved, Trademarked, Registered)
And this has affected my subject how? Well simple, that method of making money has transfered over to Jetix, degrading the Toon Disney product at the cost of making more money. But are they really? One really has to wonder. I can only beg this, please Disney, bring us back to the Toon Disney we loved. As a kid I was always watching Nickelodeon or something like that, I never got to see the great programming of Disney in the 90s and 80s, but when I saw my area was getting Toon Disney I was ecstatic. I watched it so much, I even had no complaints when some of my favorite shows were dropped.

But now, everythign is gone, the only show on there I'll ocasionally watch is Recess, and soon enough it will be dropped. Please Disney, bring back Gummi Bears, Darkwing Duck, Tale Spin, Duck Tales, etc. Drop the trash that is American Dragon, Power Rangers, Witch Ed, 5 million other anime ripoffs and more.

But if you think about it, maybe Disney is the smart one, maybe I'm the dumb one. Don't request for them to make a 'Classics Disney' channel, that's what Toon Disney was supposed to be, and they screwed us on that one, and they will more than likely do it to us with the classics channel. But like I said, I'm sitting here buying all the DVDs when they come out, hoping for more releases while Disney rakes in my money. If that is the truth then Disney, please released a remastered Goof Troop Season One DVD. I will keep giving you my money, whether I like it or not.

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