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noting the lack of imagination in today's children
March 12, 2009
As a child, I had the Atari, NES, Sega, Super nintendo etc. If it came out, i had it, yeah, I was one of THOSE kids. Even today I stay up to date with my gaming life. However, I unfortunately feel as though the children who were born after or around the time of the N64 have suffered from lack of imagination.

I can recall how quickly the daylight would turn to a hazy blue dusk, all the while my younger brother and best friend defended our apartment complex from the evil goobers, creatures of our own creation which represented the original power rangers' puddies, and their master, the thing that lived in the woods.

When a brand new mound of mulch would arive for the apartment landscapers to spread, we were the first up to attack the new "monster" which was trying to invade. (for the record, fake swords and sticks slide into mulch piles much the same way I would imagination it would to a real monster).

"Aaron! Hey Aaron! I have fire powers ok? FRKRKRKRKRKR!!!"
"Ok, but Alex! ALEX! I have lightning powers ok? BZZZZZZZT!"
"Ok let's get them!"
And the fluries of ninja kicks, boxing punches and elemental powers took hold of our little arms and legs. I truely remember have such stamina in motion and attacks, that I beleive I could have taken any UFC champion without breaking a sweat.

My point comes in right about here**********

I don't believe I have every seen my second younger brother, who is now 14 years old, ever once fight invisible monsters, pretend to have super powers, or use any type of imagination. Instead of a collection of toys, he has a collection of The Sims expansion packs, WOW expansions, Expansions out the Wazoo.

The point is, little kids nowadays are missing out on the fun of their own adventure that can literally last an entire day, (with the exception of mothers calling in for 2-3 meals). Imagniation has been taken over my computer moniters, fists of firey fury have been replaced with a keyboard and mouse.

Even today, my first younger brother and I will have a little bit of nastalgeic fun, and leap around the house for a few minutes, showing off our new strengths as 20< years olds.

For those of you who know...

Keep fighting the good fight
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