The Art of Star Wars

the 30th anniversary tribute to the artist behind star wars,Ralph McQuarrie1
December 12, 2007
In order to tide all the fans of star wars on retro junk over until my final two instalments...i present to you THE ART OF STARWARS 30TH ANNIVERSARY SPIN OFF ARTCLE.

some of my favorites Ralph's art takes me away to a galaxy far far away, though as beautiful as the works are not many people have seen it, and i thought to myself why not show every one on retro one of my favorite places, so sit back relax and enjoy the art...

Ralph McQuarrie was signed on to do the concept art for star wars after Lucas saw all of the art he had done for NASA ralphs sense of color and scale in art got him the job,he has many more pieces I'm not showing her but if you want to see more just Google him, something will come up,those of you who are looking for a really lenghtly article to read will instead be treated to a feast for the senses...

ewoks carrying c3p0 through the forest
(you know what I'm gonna stop narrating you can see the picture for yourself)


ralph basically designed all the costumes and the look of the saga! he did all these just from some brief George Lucas descriptions!

ralph won an academy award for his conceptual work on cocoon he also did concept work for E.T. who he based of a dog of some sort, raiders of the lost ark(one of my favorites) total recall, back to the future,battlestar galactica, and star trek the movie.

sadly a few years ago Ralph got arthritis and cant draw any more but his work can always be cherished and loved by the star wars fan community and has inspired a generation of artists my hats off to you mr.mqquarrie!
stay tuned for the 30th anniversary of star wars part 3 RETURN OF THE JEDI!
i hope you enjoyed the art as much as i did.
(note to reader)
if you want me to make another spin off of sorts just tell me what you think i know this is not you normal article so im open for any suggestions or critisism...
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