My Favorite Superheroes!

The coolest action heroes ever to wear a cape!
July 16, 2007
thanks for reading and thanks for putting up with all the spelling errors im shure are in this.we all have favorite super heroes and im shure the people reading this have nothing better to do than hear the opinion of a nerd like without further to do lets get started!...

10.the punisher-this kick@$$ bad guy first appered as a villian for the amazing spiderman,until givin his own comic book in the 80s now lets all admit the reason why we all like punisher...his machine gun and that scarry as hell skull on his chest.

9.the fastest man alive the flash!i think the reason i like the flash is becuase i run track at my school even thorgh i dont wear revealing red spandex and run around ,i still run and i think of the falsh every time im about to run...i think about wonder woman a little bit to.

8.the human torch! this one doesnt take to long to explain... who wouldnt want to catch on fire and fly around?

7.THE HULK! i hav e always thought it would be awsome to be a little weenie that turns into a giant green monster,also if i could do that, the bigest jerk in my class wouldnt have his head for very long.

6.thor- now correct me if im wrong(if you do that youll prove just about how meaningless your life is)but doesnt thor have like control over weather or something.hes cool becuase if i were him (i would cut my hair first of all)then i would electricute my school and all my problems would be solved. but if thor doesnt have weather control powers then it would just be cool to have a big hammer.

5.the invinclible*iron man *=on almost all of his comic book covers it shows him gettong his ass handed to him, nonthe less he always comes out on top at the end. as billionair industriolest(i just botched the spelling of that)he made the coolest costume ever!

4.silver surfer-i think the silver surfer is cool because his comic book taught me cool words like vanquish. and hes completely silver and space!

3.daredevil-whats cooler than a blind guy beating the crap out of bad guys with numchucks?daredevil the movie scared the bajezzes out of me in fourth grade. and now that im 4 years older i have come to enjoy how daredevil can beat the stuffing out of guys and get away with it. i wish i could do that, that and jump from building to building without breaking my legs(how does that work out?)

2.moon knight is a new favorite charcter of mine but after i sheled out fifteen bucks for his essential book i thought him his secret identitys(plural)and his need to drop kick werewolfs was completely awsome also a cape shaped like a moon thats almost as cool as penut butter and ...ladys!

finaly we reach numero uno on my count down the one the only...

1 captain america-my favorite superhero ever scince i was first introduced to comics hes tough courages and ahs an awsome admantium shield! hes been like sort of an awsome uncle who nows kung fu and has sweet chainmail armor stuff.

this article is deticated to captain america
because that money hungry publisher joe quesada killed him off to boost sales...but dont worry he will be back!

to be continued...favorite villians is coming soon!
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